Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Summer 2010 Comes to an End

Wow, it seems like just last week the last school bell rang and loud, obnoxious kids piled out the school. But nope, that was 2 months ago!

Well, my point here is that school started again TODAY! This year, is "technically" my first year of high school. I say "technically" because I'm in high school but go to a middle school. (It's different around here than most schools, long story...)

Anyways, I was super nervous this morning! I'm usually not too nervous on the first day of school, but since this year our grades count as credits towards college, it gets a little more difficult. Which is why I was so nervous. The good thing though, is that I realized I have a few of my friends in my classes! It makes me feel so much better when I have people I know in my classes. Don't you think? I even have a class with Kenzie... YAY!

The past few days, I have been doing some last minute school shopping. I haven't bought a whole lot, but enough until fall. I found a few cute things, and some really great deals. One of my favorite deals that I found was 2 pairs of brand name jeans for $35 at Ross. Pretty good deal, eh?

This is what I wore for the first day of school:

Nothing too exciting, but I think it's appropriate for the first day. :)

Some of the classes I'm taking are Geography, Foods and Nutrition, Computer Tech, Science, Algebra, Language Arts, Spanish 2, etc. Most of my teachers are pretty decent and easy-going. My favorite teachers are my Geography and Spanish teachers! The only one I'm not too excited about is my Algebra teacher. The others... well, they're pretty good too.

Thought that this picture was pretty hilarious and quite embarrassing!
Overall, my day was pretty good! I got to see all of my friends and my classes ended up being not too bad. But then again... school is school.

So there is a little update on my life right now. I'll have to get used to the new routine, but I think it will be a good year! 
{And hopefully I'll be able to blog just as much as I have been.}

Have you started school? If not, when do you start? And if your not in school, what do you remember most about high school? I'd love to know!


Anonymous said...

I start my new charter school on the 23 of this month, I still have my summer trip coming up! two day's!

Sereina said...

Glad your first day went well! You look super cute in that outfit! ;)

Although I'm homeschooled, we have a co-op that we go two twice a week, but that doesn't start till September 12th.


Anonymous said...

also, this is my first 'summer vacation'

Shelley said...

Nice first-day-of-school outfit!

I haven't started school yet. I still have a few weeks until returning to the building pain! Just kidding! I like school.

And I agree, it is nicer to have familiar faces in your classes!

Hope this year is a great one for you!

Makay said...

I start the 25th. I am excited! Senior Year. WOO WOO!


Kaylee H. said...

Iris: Awesome!!

Sereina: Thanks! And consider your self lucky! ;)

Shelley: Thank you!

Makay: Senior year? Awesome!!!

Laney said...

I love your outfit! So cute :) You are so pretty!

I haven't started school yet, but I'm taking a 3 hour summer class for 6 weeks. (there's 3 weeks left.) And then my regular classes start the first week in September :)

I'll be in 8th grade this year - I'm super excited!

love in Christ,

Elyssa said...

Very cute outfit! I don't go back to school until the end of the month :)

MJ said...

I start August 25th! I am in college, but the thing I remember most about High school was art classes! They're always a blast, I hope you get to take one, and good luck with your studies :)

Kaylee H. said...

Laney: Thank you! And good luck in 8th grade!

Elyssa: Thanks :) And lucky you!

MJ: Cool! I actually took an Art class last year. It was really fun! I liked it. Hopefully I'll be able to take one in the future. :)