Friday, February 26, 2010

10 Random Things About Me

I have been feeling really random today, so I think I'm going write 10 random things about me! 
Here I go...
  1.  I LOVE CHEESE! I'm not writing this just to be funny, I really do LOVE cheese! (:
  2. I wash my hands a lot. No, I'm not a germ-a-phobe, I just wash my hands a lot for some reason.
  3. My nails are currently painted "Barbie" pink. Yes, "Barbie" pink! ;)
  4. I'm going to the Colbie Caillat concert tonight!! I got tickets for my birthday.
  5. I want to visit Paris someday. I would love to see the Eiffel Tower!.
  6. I love photography. I think it would be fun to do for a 2nd job when I'm older.
  7. I personally think the Winter Olympics are boring, but the Summer Olympics are a lot more interesting! It's just that the Winter Olympics have the weirdest sports... like the Biathlon? What the? 
  8. Unfortunately, I'm not very coordinated or flexible. I did gymnastics for a couple of months when I was like 7, but I wasn't very good at it even then.
  9. I hate reading. I'm trying to be better at it though.
  10. I love lip gloss. I guess it's just a "girl thing".
There you have it... 10 random things about me!

Have a great weekend! (:

P.S.- I'll do a post about the Colbie Caillat concert sometime this weekend.

    Tuesday, February 23, 2010


    This awesome giveaway is taking place at "It's a Love Story" and she is giving away a $50 gift certificate to The Vintage Pearl! The Vintage Pearl has the cutest vintage necklaces, bracelts, and charms ever! I love vintage things, so I'm definately going to try to win.
    Go here for the giveaway
    and here for The Vintage Pearl website

    See what I'm talkin about?! ;)

    Friday, February 19, 2010

    Blog Makeover

    Now that Valentines Day is over, I needed a new blog "theme". (If ya know what I mean! ;) ) So since Spring is coming our way, and is my favorite season, I decided to go with this free background and header from Adori Graphics! Do you like it?? Louise has so many great tutorials, freebies, and of course... amazing designing skills!
    Oh and I can't forget my other amazing friend who customized my header, Kenzie from Cute Links For You! She added the picture and the blog name to my header. (: Thanks again, Kenz!

    To visit both of their blogs, either click on the orange links above, or click on the buttons below!

    Cute links for you
    So do you like it? Comment and let me know what you think! (:

    Tuesday, February 16, 2010

    My Weekend

    This weekend we have a "long" weekend. I call it a "long" weekend because it's not that long. It's only one more day off. But I'm NOT complaining! It was nice to have Monday off of school. Anyways I actually had a really fun weekend. It mostly just consisted of hanging out with my friend, Skye (and occasionally some other friends too!)
    Here's how it went:
    On Friday was our Valentines Day dance at our school. It was surprisingly really fun. I didn't dance with anyone but I still had fun dancing with my crazy friends!
    After the dance, I went over to Skye's house. We had really fun prank calling people, eating pudding, and just acting stupid! Here are a few crazy pics of us eating pudding:

    Acting overly excited about pudding?? I think so!

    Mmm... deliciouso!

    On Saturday, I went back to Skye's house and rode horses. I loved it! Jancyn came too, which was really fun.  It was my first time riding a horse for 2 years. I rode horses for 3 years when I was younger. (Random fact that you may or may not have known about me! :D) So it was nice to get back on again. I didn't get any pics of us riding horses, but I'll be sure to if we do it again!
    After that, we thought it would be fun to go to the gas station nearby and buy some junk food. hahah
    Here are some more pics of that:

    We bought a 1/2 dozen of doughnuts, a slurpee, and 2 cherry turnovers!
    That's a lot of junk food!

    Our empty doughnut box. :P
    Skye and Jancyn eating their cherry turnovers.

    Sunday was obviously Valentines Day. It was just a usual sunday for our family. We didn't do anything too special for Valentines. But later that night my youngest sister Jaynee, lost her first tooth! The weird thing is, is that I was the one to help her pull it out. I would usually be grossed out and not touch it at all, but I helped her pop it right out!
    This is a picture of her toothless grin:

    Isn't it cute? (:

    Monday, we had school off so guess what I did? I hung out with Skye, AGAIN! This time Kenzie and my other friend Tenaya came too. It was really sunny that day and we thought that we could possibly get a tan... yeah that didn't work out that great. haha! So we thought it would be cool to walk to the duck pond and see the ducks.

    Top: Kenzie and Tenaya
    Bottom: Me and Skye

    So that was my awesome weekend! Now back to school today!

    Sunday, February 14, 2010

    Photoshoot with Friends

    Ok, so this photoshoot that me and my friends did was actually a couple weeks ago, but I'm just barely getting around to posting it. (: I tend to procrastinate things a lot!
    Anyways, me and my friends did our own little "photoshoot". It was quite fun actually! We thought it would be fun to color coordinate and take some cute pictures together. Our colors were actually valentines colors, pink and red. We took them in my friend, Camber's, backyard on her rock slide. It turned out as a good prop! (:
    Here they are...

     Top: Kennedy, Kenzie, me
    Bottom: Camber



    Me and Kenzie actually took these next few pictures later that day by our selves.

     Kenzie's shoes. I love this one! haha

    Our shadows...
    BTW: Camber's battery pack for her camera died before we could get any pics of her. So that's why there are none of Camber.

    We took tons more, but those were just a few of my favorites!

    Have a...
    HaPpY VaLeNtInEs DaY!!

    Sunday, February 7, 2010

    My 14th Birthday

    Friday, February 5th, was my 14th birthday...

    and I had lots of fun!

    Here's how my day went:
    I obviously had to go to school that day. My AWESOME friends surprised me with a chocolate cake, and a huge poster made for me at lunch. They also decorated my locker and sang to me infront of the whole cafeteria, which was quite embarrassing, especially when random people started singing along!
    After school, my family went to one of my favorite mexican grills in town called 'Durangos'. I had a cheese quesedilla with beans and rice. YUM! (I ♥ Mexican food in case you were wondering) We then opened presents and ate cake. My mom made me a red velvet cake. YUM (again)! And I got concert tickets to Colbie Caillat, 2nd row seating baby!

    Next, my friends and I decided to go to our high school's basketball game, which was really fun! We won, 65-63!!

    My friend, Camber and I at the game.
    Go Desert Hills Thunderrrr!!!

    After that... me, Kennedy, and Jancyn had a sleepover. We just talked and acted stupid the whole time.
    The nice thing about having your birthday on a Friday is that you get to party all weekend! So on saturday, me and my friends went to a DELICIOUS, self-serve, frozen yogurt place called 'Krave'! Mmm..
    After that, guess what we got to go see...??
    Best. movie. ever. I loved it.
    Unfortunately, there were some parts that disappointed me, but isn't that what happens to every book and movie? I highly recommend it!

    So that was my birthday! (:

    Thursday, February 4, 2010

    Long time, no post

    Sorry guys that I haven't posted anything in the past 8 days or so. I've been really busy with school and homework. I'm working hard on getting straight A's this year... so that means less blogging time. ;)

    Last friday, my friends and I decided to do a photoshoot. It was really fun, and they all turned out really cute! So I've been finishing up editing them, and I will do a more detailed post later.

    Tomorrow is my 14th birthday, and I can't wait! (: I don't have any official plans yet, but I will probably have a sleepover with my friends. Then on Saturday, I'm going to go see Dear John!! (I'll also do a detailed post on that later, too)

    So that's a brief summary on what's been going on. More detailed posts on their way!