Sunday, February 14, 2010

Photoshoot with Friends

Ok, so this photoshoot that me and my friends did was actually a couple weeks ago, but I'm just barely getting around to posting it. (: I tend to procrastinate things a lot!
Anyways, me and my friends did our own little "photoshoot". It was quite fun actually! We thought it would be fun to color coordinate and take some cute pictures together. Our colors were actually valentines colors, pink and red. We took them in my friend, Camber's, backyard on her rock slide. It turned out as a good prop! (:
Here they are...

 Top: Kennedy, Kenzie, me
Bottom: Camber



Me and Kenzie actually took these next few pictures later that day by our selves.

 Kenzie's shoes. I love this one! haha

Our shadows...
BTW: Camber's battery pack for her camera died before we could get any pics of her. So that's why there are none of Camber.

We took tons more, but those were just a few of my favorites!

Have a...
HaPpY VaLeNtInEs DaY!!

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