Sunday, April 10, 2011

Scenes from the Weekend no. 2

again.. this idea was inspired by busy bee lauren

I went to a chinese restaurant with my family on friday. I cracked open my fortune cookie and that's what it said... hmmm.

the tulips in my grandparent's garden. spring is here, guys!

April showers bring May flowers right? It rained all day Friday and Saturday here!

this was taken on my friend's Mac computer.. we all hung out that day and made cupcakes!

we also listened to music, talked about boys, and ate until our stomachs were about to explode. ;)

the sun finally came out on Sunday. it felt amazing!

these stupid suckers pop up in our grass all through spring and summer. they're cute, but not at the same time.

helloooo sunshine :)

this weekend was pretty laid back for me. on friday night I went to a friends house to play night games around the neighborhood and watch a movie. that was pretty fun.

on saturday, I woke up early to watch one of my best friends play in her tennis match, but then found out that the match was delayed 6 hours later because of the rain! man, what I do for friends... ;) (I didn't bring my camera, so no pictures of that!) after that, I went to chill with Sadie and Camber (pictured above). us girls could talk and eat for hours!! ha. that's probably not a good thing. it's whatevs.

by the way... my dad got the iPhone, so as you can see, all of these pictures were taken from his phone and edited with the app called Instagram (except for the ones taken on my friends Mac). I want that phone oh-so-bad. seriously. I basically stole it from him for the weekend.

I've also been taking some practice tests online to help me with my End Of Level testing that is coming up in a few weeks! ahhh. so nervous. so listen to this... in order to get the participation points for my practice tests, I have to get a score of at least 80%. the test I was taking was 60 questions long... ridiculous, I know! so I take it, and I click 'Submit', and what do I get? a freakin 78%!! that WOULD happen to me. sheesh. like I said.. ridiculous!

so yep. that's what my weekend was like. pretty exciting? not really. but it's alright. now I shall go to bed, to start the week all over again. :)

hope you all had a great weekend!
p.s.- sorry for not posting in what it seems like FOREVER. I'm working on getting pictures up from the rest of my Spring Break soon. thanks for reading!