Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wee Bit of Me Wednesday (Halloween Version)

i haven't done wee bit of me for a little while, so I decided I would join in today! today is a halloween version, so it should be fun. :)

{one} have you ever seen a ghost?
no, and i hope i never do.

{two} when was the last time you dressed up for halloween?
last year!

{three} what’s your favorite candy?
anything with chocolate or caramel... preferably snickers!

{four} did you have a favorite costume growing up?
i can't remember which one was my favorite, but i had an awesome clown costume one year! ;)

{five} did you carve pumpkins this year?
not this year. :(

{six} what’s your favorite scary movie?
i hate scary movies, but i watched an old movie last year at a party called "watcher in the woods" that was a little creepy but a good one to watch during halloween. (sorry for the run-on sentence. ha!)

{seven} haunted houses or corn mazes?
i don't like being scared, so i would have to go with corn maze.

{eight} are you superstitious?
i guess... i dont know. haha

{nine} have you ever owned a black cat?
nope. i hate cats! sorry cat lovers. :P

{ten} what are you plans for this coming halloween?
i'm dressing up as a greek goddess and going to one of my best friend's halloween party! it should be fun. my friends from school are going to be there, and we will be playing lots of fun games. :)

what are you doing for halloween?
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Thursday, October 21, 2010

dream vacation

have you ever thought about one place in this world that you would just love to visit? or maybe you have already thought about this place, and visited there already. aka: your dream vacation.

my dream vacation that i am thinking of is a place where many millions of people visit each year. a place that has  beautiful architecture and amazing buildings and attractions. this place is 

i'll give you a hint... it is known as the city of love. maybe this picture will give it away:

that's right, you've guessed it... Paris, France!

i want to go there so badly. lately, i have been obsessed with this place. i dream of it daily. :) if i do go there someday {which i will!}, here are some of the buildings and cathedrals i would love to see, {besides the eiffel tower}:

Notre Dame Cathedral

Sacre Coeur

Arc de Triomphe

Louvre Pyramid

aren't they amazing? just an fyi: i have no idea how to pronounce those names... yet. ha!

carlotta from pastor girl's ponderings just took a trip to paris, and she has blogged all about it. :) and let me tell ya... i'm super jealous, but seeing what it looks like in her perspective makes we want to go there even more! she has always been wanting to go there, and she finally traveled there for her 14th birthday! how lucky is she? ;)

anyways, my point is... i love paris. i would love to visit there someday, and visit all the amazing building plus more!

well, i'm off to go look at more pictures of paris and dream away!
*picture credit*

what's your dream vacation place?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

just another day

heyy everyone! i'm just going to do a quick post about my day... it was nothing too exciting, just another ordinary day. ;)

i started my day off just like any other day. i have a certain routine that i have to follow in order to get to the bus stop on time for school. wake up at 6:45, get dressed, do hair, do makeup, pack lunch, and if i'm lucky... eat breakfast, and be out the door by 7:54 exactly! ;) today i had a little extra time to spare, so i went outside for some fresh air and saw this amazing sunrise...
{if you were wondering why it says "bar 10 ranch" in all of my sunrise pictures is because i live right next to this ranch and there is no other way to get around it to get a decent picture. ha!}

so cool! anyways, my day continued with school and talking/hanging out with friends. for the last class period i have of the day is my favorite class... spanish! my teacher is hilarious and just awesome. i always leave that class with my jaw hurting because i'm laughing constantly. :P for the rest of the day i have had the most random spanish word stuck in my head for some reason... it's crema de cacahuate aka peanut butter! weird huh?

after school there was one last football game that me and my friend kennedy had to film for the team and for my spanish teacher (who is the head coach of the football team). we totally creamed the other team with a final score of 38-14. right after the game it started storming which was SO awesome because our mascott is Thunder. what a coincidence?!

so now i am home eating chinese take-out, listening to the thunder and lightening storm, and of course... blogging.

how are you today?! :)

Monday, October 18, 2010


hi everyone. sorry for being m.i.a. for who knows how long. maybe 2 weeks? wow! i don't know what is up, but i just haven't been in the "blogging mood" lately. it's almost to the point where i have to force myself to post something. don't get me wrong... i love to blog. but maybe it's time for a short break? no. i can't do that. ;) maybe i need a little inspiration? yes. that's what i'm feeling... uninspired.

i look back at my very first post. it was on november 19, 2009, almost a year ago. it's crazy it has already almost been a year. back then, i blogged about the most pointless/random stuff, and i still do! :) it seems like everyday i spend a great amount of time thinking of what to say on my blog. when really what i should be doing is spending time with family, doing homework, reading, enjoying the weather outside, etc. and doing productive things. i think one of the hardest things for me on my blog is to think of things to say. that's one of my problems right now. like i said before... i'm uninspired.

so if you're wondering where i have been, that's my reasoning. sorry! i'll try to post something this week.

random picture ;)
p.s.- thank you for all the awesome comments! you're the best!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

the little things...

have you ever realized it's the simple things that make you happy? well, today i was simply happy because of the little things. here are a few examples:

1. the rain. i just love rain! here are a few pics i took of rain drops... :)


i'm trying out a new watermark for my photography. what do you think?

2. general conference. general conference is when the leaders of my church speak to other members of our church. they're very inspiring, and i love listening to their talks.
Salt Lake Temple {credit}
3. movie night with friends. my bestie, kennedy, invited me over to watch a movie last night {saturday}. we watched when in rome. it's a chick-flick, which are always fun to watch! but i really liked the movie, it was cute. :)

what made you happy this weekend??

p.s.- sorry for having a bad attitude about my blog the other day. i guess i just needed to vent my feelings. sorry about that! :/

Saturday, October 2, 2010

the sun will rise

hi everyone. i apologize for being lazy not posting in over a week. i had a great time last weekend spending time with all of my family. i would love to share a few pictures with everyone about my weekend, but my pictures aren't loading to my computer correctly. so until I get that figured out i will have to post about something different.

i hate to admit this, but i haven't been in much of a "blogging mood" lately. i feel like i don't have anything exciting to post about. nothing has happened in my life that is worth blogging about. that's part of the reason why i haven't been blogging a whole lot this week, too.

i will tell you that i am watching this adorable puppy this weekend.
her name is lily. she belongs to my friend danielle and her family. isn't she cute?! she's the nicest, sweetest, quietest dog i've ever met!

i also woke up to this beautiful sunrise a couple of days ago.
the sun looked like it was on fire. it was bright red! so gorgeous...

well, that's all i have for now. sorry again for not posting as often as i would like to.
you'll hear from me more very soon!

have a great weekend!