Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wee Bit of Me Wednesday (Halloween Version)

i haven't done wee bit of me for a little while, so I decided I would join in today! today is a halloween version, so it should be fun. :)

{one} have you ever seen a ghost?
no, and i hope i never do.

{two} when was the last time you dressed up for halloween?
last year!

{three} what’s your favorite candy?
anything with chocolate or caramel... preferably snickers!

{four} did you have a favorite costume growing up?
i can't remember which one was my favorite, but i had an awesome clown costume one year! ;)

{five} did you carve pumpkins this year?
not this year. :(

{six} what’s your favorite scary movie?
i hate scary movies, but i watched an old movie last year at a party called "watcher in the woods" that was a little creepy but a good one to watch during halloween. (sorry for the run-on sentence. ha!)

{seven} haunted houses or corn mazes?
i don't like being scared, so i would have to go with corn maze.

{eight} are you superstitious?
i guess... i dont know. haha

{nine} have you ever owned a black cat?
nope. i hate cats! sorry cat lovers. :P

{ten} what are you plans for this coming halloween?
i'm dressing up as a greek goddess and going to one of my best friend's halloween party! it should be fun. my friends from school are going to be there, and we will be playing lots of fun games. :)

what are you doing for halloween?
go check out leigh ashley for more of wee bit of me!


Shelley said...

Nice answers! I don't like scary things either. I"m also going to a friend's halloween party. Great post! :)

Kayla said...

Hi ! I just found your blog, I love it! I love finding other teens who are as much into blogging as I am!