Sunday, June 27, 2010


Hey guys! I've got some exciting news...
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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday Ramblings...

So it's Saturday morning and I'm sorta bored... I've been sitting home almost the whole week because every. single. one of my friends are out of town! :( Luckily, Kenzie and Kennedy come home today so we can hang out ASAP! {miss you guys!} So today, I'm going to post some things that have been going across my mind lately.

I was surfing the internet I found these pictures pretty amusing... take a look -->

Lady Gaga fell at an airport wearing high heel-less boots/platform heels. Haha! We all know her for her crazy fashions, but really?! Why would you even TRY to wear those in public. People these days... :P

This week my dad got in a car crash. Luckily it wasn't too serious, and he's just fine. He said that he was driving behind a guy who was about to turn, but while he was turning my dad just glanced down to his passenger seat for one second. The person turning in front of him had stopped for some reason right as he looked down, and BAM! So this week he gets to drive this little thing while his GMC truck gets repaired. It's cute, I like it ;) haha -->

Ok, have any of you seen the movie Toy Story 3 yet?? I want to see it sooo bad for some reason! haha I know that sounds childish, but Toy Story is one of my favorite Disney movies. :) I've heard nothing but good things about it. I'm hoping I will be able to see it this upcoming week. If any of you have seen it, lemme know what you thought about it!

{This post was random and pointless, I know} :P
Have an awesome rest of the weekend everyone!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kaylee's Mailbag

Dear Summer,
Oh how I love you! But sometimes... you can get a bit boring. Can you bring me some fun? I mean, sleeping in til 10:30 each morning, and being lazy is sometimes nice. But you are going by WAYY too fast and I still need to have some fun! So take your sweet time ok? kthnxbye.

summer Pictures, Images and Photos
Dear mothers in the neighborhood,
I need to earn some money this summer, and would love to come babysit your children! I'm usually available Monday-Friday, so go ahead and call me! Please and thanks. :)

babysitting Pictures, Images and Photos
Dear Kenzie!
I miss ya! haha You've been gone ALL week, so we need to hang out soon!
You, me, and Kenn. Ok? Ok! :)

{we look really young in that picture for some reason, haha!}
Dear Krave,
Why are you so addicting? I "KRAVE" you all the time! So I finally decided to come visit you today, and let me tell ya... you were DELICIOUS! :P You have the best frozen yogurt town! {Just in case you didn't know that already ;)} My favorite flavors are: Cookie's n' Cream, Cake Batter, and Kiwi Strawberry. YUM!♥


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Family Reunion 2010

Well, I'm back! I had lots of fun this weekend and thought I would do a brief summary of my trip. :) {Don't worry, it's not going to be as long as my girls camp posts!}

My family and I left on Thursday {the 17th} to a little town called Ephraim. That was where my extended family would be staying, while we stayed with my aunt {from my mom's side} in Mt. Pleasant. It was only 15 minutes away from Ephraim so it worked out nicely. We met everyone at the college apartments, which they were staying in, and watched the Lakers and Celtics game in the club house. I am NOT a sports fan, so I wasn't too interested in the game. ;) I hung out with my cousins downstairs in the game room instead. We were pretending to be from England and have English accents around these guys that were there also. Haha! :P
The following day, we all met up after breakfast and decided that we would go to the city pool. When we got there, it was PACKED with people and little kids running around everywhere! After about 15 mins, of being there, I finally decided to get in. The water was pretty cold when I first got in. I hate that. haha But what do you expect? There was a little whirlpool in the middle and a water slide on the other side of the pool. Not too exciting... but still enjoyable. Something that I loved about it was that right next to the pool there was one of the LDS temples, and we could see it from the pool. After going down the water slide a couple of times, lots of splashing, and sun tanning... we were ready to head back. We all napped and showered, then met back up for Pizza then to the temple for the pageant. I really liked the pageant, although it did drag on a little bit. ;)
Here a few pics from the pool and the pageant... {there was no "flash photography" allowed during the pageant, so I didn't get any pics of that}:
You can see the temple in the background

Me and my cousins, Emily and Eleise chillin by the pool! Haha!

This is my cousin Sam... he made a 'garbage tree' with all the collected trash he found. :P

The temple stage

Waiting for the show to begin!
On Saturday we went to a lake nearby. The weather was perfect for a day at the lake! We did lots of fishing, canoeing, swimming, eating, and playing. My cousins and I got into a little boat and rowed to the middle of the lake. It was soo relaxing, I loved it! Let me just say that the water was FREEZING though. After a few minutes in the boat, we noticed the boat was starting to deflate a little bit. Haha! We did have about 4 girls in there. :P So we floated to a little dock in the middle of the lake. I did not want to swim back because the water was so cold, so I decided I would get back into the deflating boat to row to the shore nearby. Well... as I was about to jump in the boat, my cousins pushed me off the dock into the freezing cold water! *Sigh* :( Now that I think about it, it was pretty funny... but at the time I was pretty mad! Oh well, it was still lots of fun!

Relaxing by the lake... attempting to get a tan. :)

My dad taking the kids fishing on his little motorized boat.

My brother came back with a fish!
That night, we had a potluck together and celebrated my grandparents 50th Anniversary! AKA- Their Golden Anniversary! Wow! All the grand kids participated in a little skit showing important stages of their life. Like when they met, the wedding, their first born child, up until now. We played some of "their songs" and my oldest cousin who was being my grandma even wore my grandmas dress that she wore in high school. My aunt had kept it all these years and I think it was really special for both of my grandparents. Afterwards, we all celebrated with cake and ice cream, and then said our goodbyes and went home the following morning.

Driving home...

So that pretty much sums up the whole reunion! Sorry that wasn't as "brief" as I wanted it. :P

What did you do this weekend??

Monday, June 21, 2010

Girls Camp {day 4}-The Final Day

This day was the last day of girls camp! We were all SOO ready to go home! It was a blast, and I had learned a lot, but I was just ready to be home.
I'll keep this post short and sweet.... ;)

So we woke up, ate breakfast, and went down to the amphitheater for one last roll call. Then they told us where our specific trailer would be to pack our stuff into. After all that craziness, we checked out, and we were on our way back home! WOOT! ;) Here are few last pictures...

My ward leaving Heber Valley Camp
{I'm the one in the pink jacket to the right}

Trying to pass the time... Like my glasses? haha! Don't hate. ;)

Haha! We were bored... :P

The scenary while going down the mountain

And that's it for Girls Camp 2010!! 
Sorry that took so long, hope you enjoyed it! :D

Monday, June 14, 2010

Girls Camp {day 3}

Warning: LONG post ahead!

This day of girls camp wasn't the best but at the same time, it was the most fun! Since we were in high elevation, A LOT of girls started getting sick and dehydrated. No one was drinking water therefore they got sick. Some girls were even puking. (TMI, sorry!) They even had to make a whole separate cabin for the sick people. BLEKK! Luckily I didn't get sick. I just had a slight headache and no appetite, but after I drank lots of water I was feeling better.

The bummer about this day is that we did so much, but I only took 3 pictures this whole day. :( I guess they kept us so busy I didn't think about taking pictures. I kind of regret it now, but whatev.
So the morning agenda started out the same... waking up at 7:00, eating breakfast, roll call, etc. Today's agenda: Canoeing at Legacy Lake & Challenge Courses. Woot! I've never been canoeing before, so I was really looking forward to that.
Before we left, we packed a lunch that we would be eating at the lake and then got together with our cabins to walk down there. We went down the same trail as our hike the day before, so I knew what was ahead of me when it was time to come back! When we got to the lake, the people told us some general rules and stuff I wasn't even paying attention to. ;) Before we got in the boats, I went to the restroom real fast and when I came back, all my friends had left already. Sad day :( Oh well, I still found someone to go with. We all had bright orange life jackets on and there were maybe about 15-20 boats on that lake.

Lots of life jackets...

(There were more boats than that, I just took this picture towards the end)
It was a lot of fun! We even tried to race some other girls, but that didn't work out too well. ;) After canoeing, we ate our lunch at the pavilion. Here are all my friends sitting together eating our lunch:

Haha good times. :)

After lunch, we walked up the long dreaded trail back to the campsite. Then walked up another hill to get to our challenge course! We got into groups of about 10-13 people and did different courses. One of them was testing our faith by standing on a 3-4 foot log and falling all the way back for the people to catch you from behind. Talk about SCARY!! I swear I stood there for like 5 mins, trying to build up the courage to fall back. I knew the people were going to catch me, I was still scared for some reason. Haha, well, after a few minutes of standing on top of that log I finally fell back. and BAM! It was done just like that! It was definitely scary, but I almost wanted to do it again. But I didn't.
All the courses were SO fun and taught me a lot, but there was another course that I wasn't too sure about. The bungee swing. People that went on it the day before had told me that it makes your stomach drop, which I hate! (That's why I also hate riding roller coasters) I know I sound like a wimp, but I still wasn't sure about going on this swing. And I'm not even afraid of heights, so I don't understand why I didn't want to do it. The people in charge told me I can go half way if I wanted. So I decided to go with that... because I'm a wimp. :) I got my harness and my helmet on, and waited with anticipation for my turn. When I was up I climbed up the stool and sat on the little swing shaped like a Frisbee. They hooked me on, and they guy told me that he would tell me when to let go of the strap so I wouldn't go all the way to the top. Well this little jokester never told me when to let go when he was supposed to, so I was practically to the top anyways by the time he told me! Psh. People these days... ;) So I let go and screamed like a little girl! It was SOO much fun though! I'm so glad that I did it. I was harnessed to the swing so I let go with my hands, and it felt like I was flying. The wind rushing through my ears, swinging back and forth. Ahh! I just want to do it again right now! They slowed me down towards the end to stop me. It was over wayy too fast, now that I think about it. I wish I could have taken some pictures, but I didn't have my camera with me. :(
After all the canoeing, hiking, and the challenge courses I was exhausted! We had about an hour of free time before dinner, so I just chilled with friends in their cabin.

Next was dinner and the faith walk. We met down in the main amphitheater to start our faith walk. To make the long story short... We had to stay silent throughout the whole thing while they had about 5-7 girls at a time go up to where it started. They blindfolded us and we had to hold on to a rope which led us through the woods. There were people along the way that whispered to us, telling us which way to go. We ended up in a meadow where we could take off our blindfold and see everyone else there. It was a very cool experience. :)

After all that was over we met with our wards. Since girls camp is a church-related activity, we have to have some spiritual time together so that night we had a testimony meeting. I'm not a big fan of sharing my testimony (shame on me!) but I did anyways. It was really cold that night so we were all bundled up in blankets and sat in front of a warm fire.

This fantastic day was almost over. We went to the main pavilion for some peach cobbler and ice cream for dessert, and went back to our cabins to get some sleep. Woot! ;)

So there you have it... Day 3 was LONG, but totally fun!

Next up... day 4!
(Don't worry it's not very long!)

P.S.- Thanks to anyone who actually read that whole thing!! :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Ok just to warn you... this post is sort of gross. Ok REALLY gross, but definitely blog worthy! ;) Here's the story:

My lil' sister was outside riding her bike on our street--the usual routine for her everyday. And while she was riding, she thought she saw a mouse on the road. (Why a mouse? I'm not sure... she's only 6. ;) Being as curious as she is, she gets closer to it. Nope, it's not a mouse... it's a frog. A dead frog. A huge, dead frog.
She comes running inside, "MOM! There's a big dead frog outside in the road!"
"Oh... really?"
"Come see!"
My brother (11 yrs. old) goes out instead. After a few minutes he comes back in, "Mom, come see this!" My mom finally decided to get up and go see what they are talking about. I follow, also curious to see what it is. We go out... and see this huge frog. At first, we couldn't tell if it was real or fake because it looked rubbery and the frogs around here aren't that big. So my brother throws a rock at it, and it bounces off. Ew. So we get closer to see that it has flies all over its body. I run back inside, not too interested in what I'm seeing here. My mom grabs the camera to get some shots of this thing. Wanna see?

Oh yeah, baby! Isn't it cute? *barf* Poor frog.

Anyways, so my dad gets home for lunch. He takes a look at it, and picks it up by the (flattened) foot like it's no biggie, and puts it on the neighbors driveway as a joke. ;) That's my daddy for ya! haha

So there's my story for the day! Sorry, TMI. :)
Hope you all had a good week!

P.S.- Don't worry, I didn't forget about day 3 of my girls camp post. I've been busy the past couple of days, but its comin!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Guess What?!

I've got a photography blog now! :) I might as well have one too, since everyone else in the blogging world does. haha jk but I've been debating for a while if I want to have one or if I want to just share my photography on this blog. So I finally just made up my mind that I will post Fix-it Fridays and my 'photography' and post it on that blog and everything else, here.
Good idea??
Oh! I almost forgot the link... ;)

Pretty simple! Go check it out if you want!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Girls Camp {day 2}

On the second day of girls camp we woke up around 7:30 am, got dressed, and headed down to the main pavilion for breakfast. They served us some french toast and fruit. Yum! After breakfast, the generals did roll call. For roll call, each cabin had to come up with a cheer thingy-majig. Our cabins cheer was kinda lame, but whatev. :)
Next on the agenda was our hike! I actually really like going on hikes. A lot of the girls hate it, and dread it every year but its one of my favorites. :) Instead of going with our cabins, this time we went with our own ward. Going with our ward made it 10x better because we are with people we know the best. Our hike was pretty easy... sorta. haha The first half was all down hill, but then we went around the whole lake (shown below vv) and the rest was all up hill. Talk about tiring! Other than the up hill part, I really enjoyed the hike and the view was super pretty.

Here are some pics of the hike:
Top left: me & Ashlyn  Top right: Legacy Lake
Middle left: Legacy Lake  Middle right: Our ward on our hike around Legacy Lake
Bottom left: me & Danielle  Bottom right: Legacy Lake
I really like the reflection of the clouds and the mountains in some of the lake pictures! :)

After the hike we had some lunch and then they put us into groups and we went to different value workshops. Values like... Faith, Divine Nature, Individual Worth, etc, etc. They taught us a little lesson, and then we did an activity with that value. We rotated a few times to learn about each value. After that.... I don't remember exactly what we did. How sad is that? I think it was dinner time by then. And around 9:00 they brought dessert to our cabins. Woot! :) 
So ya! hahah That was day 2 :)

Here are a few more pictures from that day: 

Top left: Taylor, Sadie, & Camber  Top right: My ward waiting for lunch
Bottom left: me & Kennedy at the amphitheatre  Bottom right: The sign for my campsite area

Day 3 is next!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Girls Camp 2010 {day 1}

Hey everyone, I'm back! First off... when I got back from camping, I came on to blogger to find that I had 3 new followers! I know that's not very much at all to some of you, but for me that's kind of a lot. Haha. Thank you!! :D

Before I start, just to let you know... my blog, is pretty much my journal. It's a place where I can write down important things that have happened in my life lately. I just chose to share it with people via internet. I'm just sayin! :) haha

Anyways, I'm going to start off by writing about my first day off camp. And then, I will write about each other day in a separate post.

On Tuesday morning, about 3:30 am, is when it all began. I woke up, got dressed, and met at my church with the rest of the girls in my young women's group around 4:00 am. We had already brought our luggage to the church the night before, so we would be ready to go... but by the time everyone got there and we got situated in cars, it was about 4:45 am.

The drive up there was about 5 and 1/2 hours long! Being so early in the morning, we all decided to try to fall asleep in the car to get some rest. That was a FAILURE. Haha. None of us could sleep, so instead we blasted some music. :) Here are a few pictures of the car ride up:

Bottom right: my friend, Ashlyn & me

When we finally arrived, we unloaded all our luggage from the cars. Then they sent us to a table where they told us which cabin we were going to be in for the week. That was scary. I really wanted to be with all my friends, but it turned out that I only got to be with one of my close friends. All of my other friends got to be in the same cabin together... not cool. Oh well.
After that, we waited for the rest of the people to get to camp, and we all met up at the amphitheater so they could tell us some rules of the camp and what will be going on for the rest of the week. (<-- Run-on sentence haha!) Throughout the day we played a lot of "Get-to-know you" games. We also made really cute dog tags by cutting out scrapbooking paper and mod podging (clear glue) the paper onto the dog tags. They turned out really cute! At the end of the day we met at the amphitheater again for a devotional. And then back to our cabins for bed! Lights were supposed to be out by 11:00 pm but no one really obeyed that rule. ;)

Here are a few pics of Day 1:

Top left: Taylor, Ashlyn, me, & Katelyn  Top right: Kennedy, Camber & Sadie
Middle right: Camp generals
Bottom left: me & Taylor  Bottom right: Cabin 2A-- my cabin!

It was really pretty up there... so many trees and animals. The weather that day was rainy and cold. We were all bundled up in coats and gloves. I was freezing, but at the same time... I loved it! :)

Coming up next: Day 2 of girls camp!