Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Girls Camp {day 2}

On the second day of girls camp we woke up around 7:30 am, got dressed, and headed down to the main pavilion for breakfast. They served us some french toast and fruit. Yum! After breakfast, the generals did roll call. For roll call, each cabin had to come up with a cheer thingy-majig. Our cabins cheer was kinda lame, but whatev. :)
Next on the agenda was our hike! I actually really like going on hikes. A lot of the girls hate it, and dread it every year but its one of my favorites. :) Instead of going with our cabins, this time we went with our own ward. Going with our ward made it 10x better because we are with people we know the best. Our hike was pretty easy... sorta. haha The first half was all down hill, but then we went around the whole lake (shown below vv) and the rest was all up hill. Talk about tiring! Other than the up hill part, I really enjoyed the hike and the view was super pretty.

Here are some pics of the hike:
Top left: me & Ashlyn  Top right: Legacy Lake
Middle left: Legacy Lake  Middle right: Our ward on our hike around Legacy Lake
Bottom left: me & Danielle  Bottom right: Legacy Lake
I really like the reflection of the clouds and the mountains in some of the lake pictures! :)

After the hike we had some lunch and then they put us into groups and we went to different value workshops. Values like... Faith, Divine Nature, Individual Worth, etc, etc. They taught us a little lesson, and then we did an activity with that value. We rotated a few times to learn about each value. After that.... I don't remember exactly what we did. How sad is that? I think it was dinner time by then. And around 9:00 they brought dessert to our cabins. Woot! :) 
So ya! hahah That was day 2 :)

Here are a few more pictures from that day: 

Top left: Taylor, Sadie, & Camber  Top right: My ward waiting for lunch
Bottom left: me & Kennedy at the amphitheatre  Bottom right: The sign for my campsite area

Day 3 is next!


Kenzie said...

So Cute!!!! I looks like so much fun!!! Were you guys aloud to wear makeup? Looks like you are... We can't. :( haha :)

Kylee said...

It looks like you girls had so much fun! And the scenery is GORGEOUS! I am actually pretty jealous. LOL! I am so happy that you were able to go and enjoy this awesome Summer Camp! :D

Kaylee H. said...

Kenzie- yeah we were allowed to wear it. I didn't wear a whole lot though. That's why I had my glasses on the whole time, haha!

Kylee- Thanks! We definately had lots of fun. :) And yes, it was way gorgeous up there!

Anonymous said...

where is day 3?

Kaylee H. said...

It's coming... been real busy this week!