Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Family Reunion 2010

Well, I'm back! I had lots of fun this weekend and thought I would do a brief summary of my trip. :) {Don't worry, it's not going to be as long as my girls camp posts!}

My family and I left on Thursday {the 17th} to a little town called Ephraim. That was where my extended family would be staying, while we stayed with my aunt {from my mom's side} in Mt. Pleasant. It was only 15 minutes away from Ephraim so it worked out nicely. We met everyone at the college apartments, which they were staying in, and watched the Lakers and Celtics game in the club house. I am NOT a sports fan, so I wasn't too interested in the game. ;) I hung out with my cousins downstairs in the game room instead. We were pretending to be from England and have English accents around these guys that were there also. Haha! :P
The following day, we all met up after breakfast and decided that we would go to the city pool. When we got there, it was PACKED with people and little kids running around everywhere! After about 15 mins, of being there, I finally decided to get in. The water was pretty cold when I first got in. I hate that. haha But what do you expect? There was a little whirlpool in the middle and a water slide on the other side of the pool. Not too exciting... but still enjoyable. Something that I loved about it was that right next to the pool there was one of the LDS temples, and we could see it from the pool. After going down the water slide a couple of times, lots of splashing, and sun tanning... we were ready to head back. We all napped and showered, then met back up for Pizza then to the temple for the pageant. I really liked the pageant, although it did drag on a little bit. ;)
Here a few pics from the pool and the pageant... {there was no "flash photography" allowed during the pageant, so I didn't get any pics of that}:
You can see the temple in the background

Me and my cousins, Emily and Eleise chillin by the pool! Haha!

This is my cousin Sam... he made a 'garbage tree' with all the collected trash he found. :P

The temple stage

Waiting for the show to begin!
On Saturday we went to a lake nearby. The weather was perfect for a day at the lake! We did lots of fishing, canoeing, swimming, eating, and playing. My cousins and I got into a little boat and rowed to the middle of the lake. It was soo relaxing, I loved it! Let me just say that the water was FREEZING though. After a few minutes in the boat, we noticed the boat was starting to deflate a little bit. Haha! We did have about 4 girls in there. :P So we floated to a little dock in the middle of the lake. I did not want to swim back because the water was so cold, so I decided I would get back into the deflating boat to row to the shore nearby. Well... as I was about to jump in the boat, my cousins pushed me off the dock into the freezing cold water! *Sigh* :( Now that I think about it, it was pretty funny... but at the time I was pretty mad! Oh well, it was still lots of fun!

Relaxing by the lake... attempting to get a tan. :)

My dad taking the kids fishing on his little motorized boat.

My brother came back with a fish!
That night, we had a potluck together and celebrated my grandparents 50th Anniversary! AKA- Their Golden Anniversary! Wow! All the grand kids participated in a little skit showing important stages of their life. Like when they met, the wedding, their first born child, up until now. We played some of "their songs" and my oldest cousin who was being my grandma even wore my grandmas dress that she wore in high school. My aunt had kept it all these years and I think it was really special for both of my grandparents. Afterwards, we all celebrated with cake and ice cream, and then said our goodbyes and went home the following morning.

Driving home...

So that pretty much sums up the whole reunion! Sorry that wasn't as "brief" as I wanted it. :P

What did you do this weekend??

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