Sunday, June 13, 2010


Ok just to warn you... this post is sort of gross. Ok REALLY gross, but definitely blog worthy! ;) Here's the story:

My lil' sister was outside riding her bike on our street--the usual routine for her everyday. And while she was riding, she thought she saw a mouse on the road. (Why a mouse? I'm not sure... she's only 6. ;) Being as curious as she is, she gets closer to it. Nope, it's not a mouse... it's a frog. A dead frog. A huge, dead frog.
She comes running inside, "MOM! There's a big dead frog outside in the road!"
"Oh... really?"
"Come see!"
My brother (11 yrs. old) goes out instead. After a few minutes he comes back in, "Mom, come see this!" My mom finally decided to get up and go see what they are talking about. I follow, also curious to see what it is. We go out... and see this huge frog. At first, we couldn't tell if it was real or fake because it looked rubbery and the frogs around here aren't that big. So my brother throws a rock at it, and it bounces off. Ew. So we get closer to see that it has flies all over its body. I run back inside, not too interested in what I'm seeing here. My mom grabs the camera to get some shots of this thing. Wanna see?

Oh yeah, baby! Isn't it cute? *barf* Poor frog.

Anyways, so my dad gets home for lunch. He takes a look at it, and picks it up by the (flattened) foot like it's no biggie, and puts it on the neighbors driveway as a joke. ;) That's my daddy for ya! haha

So there's my story for the day! Sorry, TMI. :)
Hope you all had a good week!

P.S.- Don't worry, I didn't forget about day 3 of my girls camp post. I've been busy the past couple of days, but its comin!


Kylee said...

EWY! That's so nasty! But facinating at the same time! haha

Kaylee H. said...

Haha, I know right?! ;)

Iris said...

Once there was a big FRIKIN SMELLY frog in the middle of our street directly in front of our house, it was GROSS and words can NOT describe how gross and smelly it really was!

Laney said...

ewwww! :P My little brother had pet frogs once, and somehow they all escaped from the cage one time....We realized that they were gone and were going crazy trying to find them! When we found them, they were both dead...yuck!!