Monday, May 31, 2010

Bloggy Award!

WOOHOO! My first bloggy award!
I'd like to thank Kylee from Almost Engaged to the Army for giving me this award. :)

The rules to this award are to put 7 things about myself and to award 3 more wonderful bloggers. So here I go:
  1. I love listening to music. It puts me in a good mood. :)
  2. I hate doing laundry! I'm ok with putting the laundry in the washer and dryer, I just hate putting them away! So right now, all my clean clothes are sitting in a big pile on my bedroom floor. Shhh! ;)
  3. I love the smell of rain and play dough. (random, I know!)
  4. I've never broken a bone. Hopefully it stays that way!
  5. I'm having a purple obsession right now. I love the color purple.
  6. My parents almost named me Baylee. I don't see myself as a Baylee haha.
  7. I love lip gloss. I don't leave the house with out it! :)
The three bloggers I choose are...
  1. Sereina from Sereina's Photography
  2. Elyssa from Elyssa's Photography

      Friday, May 28, 2010

      Fix-it Friday #56

      I didn't do Fix-it Friday last week, but I'm doing it this week!
      This weeks photo was submitted by JaimeLee, and this is what she said about her photo: "This is a photo of my twins at 6 weeks old. I love the photo because of their interaction and their faces, but I feel like it’s a little drab or flat. It needs some life."

      Here is what I came up with...

      Edit #1
      Edit #2

      Aren't they cute? :)
      Let me know what you think; I love feedback!

      Thursday, May 27, 2010

      My Summer List

      Summer is officially here!! I still haven't processed the thought that it's summer, but I'm pretty sure it will kick in soon. ;) This school year has been great. I've met so many new people, and made lots of memories. I'm super glad school is over, but at the same time I'm sad that I don't get to see all of my friends everyday. 
      Anywyas, here is a list of things that I want to accomplish throughout the summer (some will be pathetic and fun, but then some will be more productive):
      •  Go night swimming, or swimming in general (that one is a given)
      • Play night games with lots of people from school
      • Go to Swig (snack place here in town)
      • Go to Krave (frozen yogurt place here in town)
      • Have a movie marathon
      • Attempt to pull an ALL-NIGHTER!
      • Make fruit smoothies
      • Go to Judds (old candy shop)
      • Sew something cute like pajama bottoms or a skirt
      • Take lots of pictures
      • Start taking tennis lessons again
      • Go shopping (or window shopping, just depends. ;))
      • Bake cookies
      • See how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop :)
      • Make Jell-o
      • Write a random book about random things and people
      • Go to the park
      • Have a picnic
      • Go to the movies
      • Go jogging atleast 3 times a week
      • Go visit family
      • Eat healthier
      • Read a book
      Random right? haha well I decided I will put this list on my sidebar and cross them off as I complete them. I might even add a few more... any suggestions?

      Enjoy your summer season! :)

      Tuesday, May 25, 2010


      Life has been a little crazy right now...
      1.  My whole family was gone on friday night, so I stayed with one of my friends for the night. That same night we were both invited to an end-of-year party, so it worked out good.
      2. Speaking of parties... I've been to 4 parties in 3 weeks! haha man, I have such a hard life. ;) On saturday, I went to Kenzie's birthday party! (You may know her from Cute Links For You) We had a lot of fun eating junk food, playing at the park, and watching a movie. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kenzie!
      3. School gets out THURSDAY! (But there's only two hours of school that day, so I'm not going lol) Wow, all the hard work, tests, stress, homework, drama, etc. is over for 2 months. This year went by SO fast! Now, I'm going into the 9th grade which makes me a Freshman in High School. Crazy stuff!
      4. You know the photography project I did for my art class? and I told you I was going to show you some of the pictures? Well here it is:
      I think I did pretty good. I got full score on it, plus some extra credit because I let my teacher keep my project. The theme I was going for was old and abandoned. What do you think?

      5. With school getting out, my middle school had an awards ceremony. I was invited to go along with 200+ students. I was awarded a certificate for maintaining a 3.7 or higher GPA score. Nothing too exciting, but I think that all the hard work paid off. :)

      Well, that's basically what's been going on in my life right now...
      Next post:  
      My Summer List

      Tuesday, May 18, 2010


      Hey everyone, I'm back for a little bit. The last couple of weeks of school are going to be CRAZY! I only have 8 more days of school left, and I am so stoked! I'll try to post something every once in a while, but until summer... I won't have as much time.

      On that note... let me tell you a little bit about my weekend. 
      On Friday night, I went to go see the new movie called "Letters to Juliet" (it's a chick-flick, of course!) with a few friends, but when we got there it was sold out! :( So we decided to go to a delicious frozen yogurt place in town called Krave. Es muy bueno! ;) (Translation: It's really good. Haha I like to speak Espanol/Spanish for fun) Anyways, on Saturday I went shopping with my friend the whole day. We shopped til we dropped... literally! We were pretty tired after shopping for a couple of hours. That night we went to our "guy friend's" birthday party. We played 'Minute To Win It' games. If you are wondering what 'Minute To Win It' is... it's a new game show on TV where you have a minute to do a certain challenge. After that we roasted marshmallows and told stories. And that's about it for my weekend.

      Now one more thing...
      In my art class, I have to do a final project. It can be on anything I want, but it has to be related to art somehow. I chose photography. Who knew? I chose the theme 'abandoned and old' to take pictures of. There was an abandoned and really old house near my house, so I decided that was a perfect spot to match my theme. I will show you some of the pictures I took once I'm done with the project.

      Thanks for stopping by :)
      Have a good week!

      Friday, May 14, 2010

      Fix-it Friday #54

      It's Friday-AGAIN! Is it just me... or did the week go by super fast? Hmm.
      Anyways, today's photo is of this adorable little boy submitted by Christina who said,
      "This is a photo of my 2 year-old Parker. I am bothered by the harsh shadow on his face and the washed out colors of the photo. His eyes are a beautiful blue and you just can't see that. I would love to see what you guys can come up with!"

      Here is the original photo:

      And here is what I camp up with:

      With this one I brightened the picture up a little bit, brought out his eyes, cleared up his face, and added a vignette.


      And this one I did the same but cropped it closer to his face, and made it B&W.

      Much better! :)
      What do you think?
      I love feedback!

      Wednesday, May 12, 2010

      "Fake" Camp

      For my church group, we get together as young women every Tuesday nights to do an activity together. This week we had a "fake" camp or day camp. It was part of our certification for our actual girls camp this summer (that I'm really excited about)! Anyways, there are a few things that we have to pass off and certify each year depending on what age group you're in. This is my 3rd year going to girls camp so therefore, I'm a third-year! (wow! that wasn't obvious.) We have to accomplish these things before we go to camp, so this week we made a mini camping trip to get a few things passed off! Some things are like... first-aid, how to start a campfire, safety, nature, etc.
      We traveled about 20-30 mins away to a small, but really pretty camp site!

      After we got all set up, our third-year group learned how to build and start a campfire. We were pretty excited when we got the fire to start!

      (Left to right: Me, Danielle, Ashlyn--third years!)

      After the fire was all ready to go, we cooked our tinfoil dinners that we had prepared before we came. A tinfoil dinner usually has meat, vegatables, & potatoes and is wrapped up in tinfoil and cooked in a fire. Mine turned out pretty good! (I wish I could have taken a picture of all the tinfoil dinners in that fire, but I didn't really think about it.)

      After that, we went and took some 'posey' pictures up on the rippled rocks/mountains just for fun. :) Here are a few of my favorites:

      (you can click on it to see it larger)

      After taking some pictures, we roasted marshmallows and had some delicious s'mores! I love s'mores! Ashlyn (in the pink) had some fun getting marshmallow all over herself, and me. :/ Good times, good times.

      Anyways, that concludes my "fake" camp! :)

      Adorible Photography: BIG Photo Challenge

      Ok, I posted my last photo late, and Louise announced the new theme today, so I am posting this weeks photo today because I already have a picture for this week. (And I also like run-on sentences! Ha!)

      The Big Photo Challenge

      Anyways, this week's theme is...

      Here is my entry photo:

      These are the monkey bars on our piece-of-crap swing set in our backyard! haha My sister loves the monkey bars so she has been playing on them a lot lately, and I thought that these three little rings would match the theme perfectly! :)

      Here is a photo just for fun that would still fit the theme:

      I would love your feedback :)

      Adorible Photography: BIG Photo Challenge

      I decided to try out Louise's BIG Photo Challenge from Adorible Photography this week. I'm going to try to participate for now on. I think it will be super fun!

      The Big Photo Challenge
      "The BIG photo challenge is a photo challenge, which is based on a theme which is picked at random and changed each week. The themes are designed to be quick, easily achievable, for amateurs and new photographers and they can easily be completed in the house and garden. Everybody follows the same theme."

      This week's theme is:

      Here is my entry photo:

      What is more blue than the sky?! :)
      It's been really sunny down here in Southern Utah the past couple of days, and so I caught this picture in the middle of the afternoon where it was the sunniest!
      Let me know what you think! :)

      Tuesday, May 11, 2010

      The Garden

      Every Spring, my dad seems to attempt to grow a garden in our backyard. It seems like each year it fails in some kind of way. This year, he gave it another go... and there's no fail this time! The garden turned out really good this year! This is just another reason why spring is so lovely.
      I will admit, I didn't do much of the work... but I did observe it grow! LOL It was really cool to see how much it actually grows each day depending on if it's sunny outside or not.
      My dad planted spinach, lettuce, & carrots, etc. We actually used some of the spinach and lettuce for dinner the other night. Fresh vegetables from your garden taste so much better than the ones from the grocery store... just sayin'!

      Here are quite a few pics of the progression:

      The very beginning

      Growing a little bit more...

      (My brother watering the garden. It's not what you think it looks like, haha!)

      A little bit more...

      Ready to pick and eat!

      (do you see the little lady bug?!?)

      Yay! There ya have it! ;)

      Monday, May 10, 2010

      Fun-filled Weekend

      This weekend was super fun for me! Let me tell you a little about it...

      On Friday night, it was one of my best friends birthday party! She invited a whole bunch of people over to her house at 7:30. The party kind of started off a little slow and quiet, but after a few minutes of playing guitar hero it was getting a lot funner. (Is that even a word? I don't know. Excuse my vocabulary and my sense of word choice! haha!) Anyways, we started off with a scavenger hunt around her neighborhood. She put us on teams, and gave us a list of things to look for and we had to take a picture of our team with that item/object. Some of the things on the list were: dog, American flag, garbage can, a black truck, piece of trash, cat, light pole etc.
      Here are a few pictures of my team with the things we found:

      The black truck

      Light pole

      Brick wall

      FYI: I am the one behind the camera so that's why I'm not in the pictures... just in case you were wondering! ;)

      Anyways, none of the teams won because there were a few teams that couldn't find a cat, and there were teams that could find a cat but couldn't find an American flag. But the teams that did find the American flag couldn't find a cat! (Really confusing, I know!)

      After the scavenger hunt was over, she had a projector set up in her backyard, and we watched the movie 2012. Has anyone seen it? I haven't before so I was kinda excited to see it. We ate pizza and drank lots of soda. After 30 mins. or so of watching the movie, things got a little crazy, and it started to get kinda cold. So me and two of my friends who were at the party decided to go inside and play guitar hero again. We played for like 2 hours while we waited for everyone else to finish the movie. It was actually really fun because we started to get a little hyper and crazy in there! 

      The movie finally ended and people started to leave. Me and my friend stayed for a sleepover. We fell asleep really fast, which is pretty pathetic, but it must have been all that partying! ;)
      I went home that morning, got myself ready, and did a little shopping with my mom. I got a new swimsuit! Which makes me even MORE excited for Summer! ahhh!
      That night me and a couple friends went to this kids house to watch a movie in his backyard (again). Lets just say it was... interesting! haha but it was still pretty fun.

      Sunday was Mother's Day! I woke up a little earlier than usual to make breakfast for my mom. I made pancakes, bacon, and eggs. The pancakes were a little flat, and it took me like an hour to make everything, but my mom seemed to enjoy so that's all that matters, right?!

      OVERALL: It was a great weekend, and just what I needed after a stressful week of school!!

      Sunday, May 9, 2010

      In the process of...

      ...a new blog design-AGAIN!!
      I just can't seem to make up my mind! haha

      Anyways... sorry if my blog looks mess up right now. I'm in the process of changing it. 
      You guys are probably all thinking...
      Why won't she just make up her mind and stick with one design?!
       If your thinking that, the answer is... I have no idea. ha! :)
      I'll let you know when it's finished.
      (Should be real soon)

      Hope you all had a good weekend, I know I did!
      (more on that later)
      goodnight! =)

      Mother's Day

      Happy Mother's Day
      to all the mom's out there!

      and especially to my mom!
      Love ya! :D

      Saturday, May 8, 2010

      Fix-it Friday #53

      This week's photo didn't need a whole lot but here's what I came up with!


      1st edit:

      2nd edit:

      What do you think??
      I love feedback! (:

      Thursday, May 6, 2010

      Slacking Off

      Sorry guys, I've been such a slacker! I told you that I am going to post something, but it just never happened. I've been super busy and stressed out with school right now, so I haven't had the time to post.
      Summer just needs to come like right now! It's driving me insane!!!

      Anyways, I'm thinking about turning this blog into more of a photography blog, but still have it be my personal blog. Does that make sense? Who knows...
      What do you think??

      have a good weekend! (: