Monday, May 31, 2010

Bloggy Award!

WOOHOO! My first bloggy award!
I'd like to thank Kylee from Almost Engaged to the Army for giving me this award. :)

The rules to this award are to put 7 things about myself and to award 3 more wonderful bloggers. So here I go:
  1. I love listening to music. It puts me in a good mood. :)
  2. I hate doing laundry! I'm ok with putting the laundry in the washer and dryer, I just hate putting them away! So right now, all my clean clothes are sitting in a big pile on my bedroom floor. Shhh! ;)
  3. I love the smell of rain and play dough. (random, I know!)
  4. I've never broken a bone. Hopefully it stays that way!
  5. I'm having a purple obsession right now. I love the color purple.
  6. My parents almost named me Baylee. I don't see myself as a Baylee haha.
  7. I love lip gloss. I don't leave the house with out it! :)
The three bloggers I choose are...
  1. Sereina from Sereina's Photography
  2. Elyssa from Elyssa's Photography

      1 comment:

      Kenzie said...

      HOw fun! Your first award! Ya, I don't even have an award yet... so that's really cool for you!