Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm In a Band

I saw this awesome idea at Welcome To The Circus and I thought it would be something cool to post about! I know we all have our inner rockstar within us! ;)

what you do is....

1 - Go to wikipedia and hit random.
The first random wikipedia article you get is the name of your band.

2 - Go to quotationspage and hit random.
The last four or five words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first album.

3 - Go to flickr and click on “explore the last seven days”
Third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

4 - Use photoshop or similar (picnik is a free online photo editor)
to put it all together

ready for my awesome album cover?? here it is:

Classical Fighting-- "Fight It Out Inside"
ha! I love it.

go ahead and try it out! it's fun. :)_


Amazing Giveaway!

hey everyone! just super quick...

Lauren from Busy Bee Lauren is having an AH-MAZING giveaway over at her blog. she is giving away a brand new white Diana Mini camera with four packs of film. I want to win soooo bad!

GO HERE to enter!

p.s.- new post coming soooooon!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Little Birthday Fun

the 17th of january was the the birthday of one of my bestest (ignore my grammar) friend's, TAYLOR! luckily, we didn't have school that day, so what did we do? partied. just kidding. (actually not just kidding, but you get what i'm saying, right?)

she invited us over in the morning for breakfast. we devoured pancakes and bacon along with some orange juice. we played a lot of fun games and did a lot crazy fun things.

basically to sum up the whole party here is a video:

this video is on my friend's vlog channel on youtube. and PLEASE don't judge me. i HATE my voice on camera, and I sound really annoying. I also look really stupid at one part. I really had to debate on putting this up or not because I look/sound so stupid. oh well. oh, and all the footage was taken by me. and aspyn just put it all together and made a video!

and a few pictures of course:
these are the cupcakes I made for her! :)

I love the colored sprinkles. they're my fave!

kennedy and I gave taylor a "boys survival kit" as a joke for her birthday present!

ha! love this one of us. <3

blowing out her candles! that oreo cake was delicious by the way.
so that pretty much sums up the party. we had a blast!
Happy Birthday Taylor! (even though you probably will never see this)

p.s.- should I do more videos of random things like this? it's kinda fun. lemme know what you think!

I Miss Summer

dear winter, 
i am sick of you. please go away and don't come back until next year. 
love, me.

just a few random pictures from summer of 2010.
i miss it.


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Photos Taken with my New Digital Camera

alternative title: Pictures, pictures, pictures...

as you all may know, I got a new digital camera for christmas and I LOVE it. this camera does so many amazing things for a digital camera. confession: I've neglected my DSLR for my SLR. crazy right?

I'm thinking I need a name for it? hmmm.... suggestions?

anyways, to show it's pure awesomeness, here are a few a lot of pictures i've taken with it the past couple of weeks.
i love cupcakes.

my eyeball. creepy much?
lily, danielle's puppy. <3
muddy buddies! (unfinished)
owl necklace. (shown in last post)
the most delicious cupcake.
amazing sunset.
danielle <3
first snowfall of the year. ;)
we hardly ever get snow! loved it for about 20 mins. and that's all.
ok, I think I'm done. I could have shown you a ton more, but I think you get the point! there is a lot of randomness with these pictures. I put a little caption underneath to help you understand. overall, i <3 my camera.

what do you think? which one is your favorite?

p.s.- please do not claim any of my pictures as your own. all of these pictures are mine, and have been taken by me. if you would like to use them for any reason, PLEASE contact me. (click on the the "Contact" tab at the top of my blog.) thank you!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Current Obsession {January Edition}

hello! I have a little bit of extra time today to do a short post about my current obsessions. hooray! and I apologize again for being gone for so long. life's been a little crazy (like I mentioned before), but I made a goal to be more consistent with my blogging. :)

anyways, moving right along to my current obsessions for the month of january!

1. my new camera
I got the Canon PowerShotSD1400 from santa claus this year, and I looove it. it has 14.1 megapixels which makes for an amazing macro shot for a digital camera! I've experimented a lot with it lately. it's pretty much awesome. (i'm working on a post of a few pictures i've taken with it so far.)

2. owls
yes, owls. 
I also got this cute little charm necklace from the amazing leigh ashley from Barberry & Lace for christmas also, and I just adore it. isn't cute? :)

3. my penguin pillow pet
I also got this for christmas, and can I just say I am in love! don't judge me. ;) it's soooo soft, fluffy, and simply amazing. i recommend that everyone should go buy one at your local walmart. ha!

4. the color purple and grey
i have loved the color purple for quite some time now, but i also love the color grey. i love grey because it goes with almost anything and it has become a really popular color lately. just an fryt: i'm working on a new blog design with Mikayla and these are the colors we're going to be working with! i can't wait to see how it turns out. :)

not my picture. {via}
 what are you obsessing over right now? go ahead and link up, and tell me what you are loving!


Saturday, January 8, 2011


hey bloggers. I'm alive. crazy right?

I'm completely sorry I have been MIA for so long. my life has been so crazy right now, and has changed a LOT. things I'm not going into detail about because it's a little personal. but don't be offended. I have debated a lot about what I should do with this blog. good things, of course. but to come to conclusion...

i am stuck. period.

i need some time to think. so please, please stick with me here! I just need to take a break for little bit but I promise I will be back soon! promise :)