Saturday, January 15, 2011

Current Obsession {January Edition}

hello! I have a little bit of extra time today to do a short post about my current obsessions. hooray! and I apologize again for being gone for so long. life's been a little crazy (like I mentioned before), but I made a goal to be more consistent with my blogging. :)

anyways, moving right along to my current obsessions for the month of january!

1. my new camera
I got the Canon PowerShotSD1400 from santa claus this year, and I looove it. it has 14.1 megapixels which makes for an amazing macro shot for a digital camera! I've experimented a lot with it lately. it's pretty much awesome. (i'm working on a post of a few pictures i've taken with it so far.)

2. owls
yes, owls. 
I also got this cute little charm necklace from the amazing leigh ashley from Barberry & Lace for christmas also, and I just adore it. isn't cute? :)

3. my penguin pillow pet
I also got this for christmas, and can I just say I am in love! don't judge me. ;) it's soooo soft, fluffy, and simply amazing. i recommend that everyone should go buy one at your local walmart. ha!

4. the color purple and grey
i have loved the color purple for quite some time now, but i also love the color grey. i love grey because it goes with almost anything and it has become a really popular color lately. just an fryt: i'm working on a new blog design with Mikayla and these are the colors we're going to be working with! i can't wait to see how it turns out. :)

not my picture. {via}
 what are you obsessing over right now? go ahead and link up, and tell me what you are loving!



Anonymous said...

Do you suggest this camera? I am looking into it, I read that it doesn't come w/ a memory card, and that I'll have to bye one of those separately, how big is your card? thanks!

Sands said...

I love your purple and grey keds! It makes me want to buy another colored pair to rock them the way you do :P


Danielle said...

Kaylee, I love this post. I love that necklace! And in the picture with the penguin pillow pet I see the blanket I gave you... I hope you like it! Anyways, I have a question... on my blog it only lets me do 2 tabs how do you do more?
Elle by the way we need to hang out again!

Chelsea Lane said...

I lalalooove your blog! this is such a cute post. I am obsessing over flannels, I've been wearing one every day ;)

xoxo following!

Mikayla said...

Blog design soon. like by next saturday. (:

Lexie said...

Kaylee (: You are such an amazing girl. I love you so much! I am so lucky to have you in my ward, my neighborhood, and in my life :)
I love you so much and thank you for being such an amazing person.
Love, Lexie