Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Little Birthday Fun

the 17th of january was the the birthday of one of my bestest (ignore my grammar) friend's, TAYLOR! luckily, we didn't have school that day, so what did we do? partied. just kidding. (actually not just kidding, but you get what i'm saying, right?)

she invited us over in the morning for breakfast. we devoured pancakes and bacon along with some orange juice. we played a lot of fun games and did a lot crazy fun things.

basically to sum up the whole party here is a video:

this video is on my friend's vlog channel on youtube. and PLEASE don't judge me. i HATE my voice on camera, and I sound really annoying. I also look really stupid at one part. I really had to debate on putting this up or not because I look/sound so stupid. oh well. oh, and all the footage was taken by me. and aspyn just put it all together and made a video!

and a few pictures of course:
these are the cupcakes I made for her! :)

I love the colored sprinkles. they're my fave!

kennedy and I gave taylor a "boys survival kit" as a joke for her birthday present!

ha! love this one of us. <3

blowing out her candles! that oreo cake was delicious by the way.
so that pretty much sums up the party. we had a blast!
Happy Birthday Taylor! (even though you probably will never see this)

p.s.- should I do more videos of random things like this? it's kinda fun. lemme know what you think!


Anonymous said...

you made those cupcakes?
They are so pretty!
I love birthdays, looks like you did a really good job :)

Brooke said...

aww those cupcakes look delicious!

Katherine said...

Those cupcakes look divine! And your voice is NOT annoying!!

K xo