Monday, June 14, 2010

Girls Camp {day 3}

Warning: LONG post ahead!

This day of girls camp wasn't the best but at the same time, it was the most fun! Since we were in high elevation, A LOT of girls started getting sick and dehydrated. No one was drinking water therefore they got sick. Some girls were even puking. (TMI, sorry!) They even had to make a whole separate cabin for the sick people. BLEKK! Luckily I didn't get sick. I just had a slight headache and no appetite, but after I drank lots of water I was feeling better.

The bummer about this day is that we did so much, but I only took 3 pictures this whole day. :( I guess they kept us so busy I didn't think about taking pictures. I kind of regret it now, but whatev.
So the morning agenda started out the same... waking up at 7:00, eating breakfast, roll call, etc. Today's agenda: Canoeing at Legacy Lake & Challenge Courses. Woot! I've never been canoeing before, so I was really looking forward to that.
Before we left, we packed a lunch that we would be eating at the lake and then got together with our cabins to walk down there. We went down the same trail as our hike the day before, so I knew what was ahead of me when it was time to come back! When we got to the lake, the people told us some general rules and stuff I wasn't even paying attention to. ;) Before we got in the boats, I went to the restroom real fast and when I came back, all my friends had left already. Sad day :( Oh well, I still found someone to go with. We all had bright orange life jackets on and there were maybe about 15-20 boats on that lake.

Lots of life jackets...

(There were more boats than that, I just took this picture towards the end)
It was a lot of fun! We even tried to race some other girls, but that didn't work out too well. ;) After canoeing, we ate our lunch at the pavilion. Here are all my friends sitting together eating our lunch:

Haha good times. :)

After lunch, we walked up the long dreaded trail back to the campsite. Then walked up another hill to get to our challenge course! We got into groups of about 10-13 people and did different courses. One of them was testing our faith by standing on a 3-4 foot log and falling all the way back for the people to catch you from behind. Talk about SCARY!! I swear I stood there for like 5 mins, trying to build up the courage to fall back. I knew the people were going to catch me, I was still scared for some reason. Haha, well, after a few minutes of standing on top of that log I finally fell back. and BAM! It was done just like that! It was definitely scary, but I almost wanted to do it again. But I didn't.
All the courses were SO fun and taught me a lot, but there was another course that I wasn't too sure about. The bungee swing. People that went on it the day before had told me that it makes your stomach drop, which I hate! (That's why I also hate riding roller coasters) I know I sound like a wimp, but I still wasn't sure about going on this swing. And I'm not even afraid of heights, so I don't understand why I didn't want to do it. The people in charge told me I can go half way if I wanted. So I decided to go with that... because I'm a wimp. :) I got my harness and my helmet on, and waited with anticipation for my turn. When I was up I climbed up the stool and sat on the little swing shaped like a Frisbee. They hooked me on, and they guy told me that he would tell me when to let go of the strap so I wouldn't go all the way to the top. Well this little jokester never told me when to let go when he was supposed to, so I was practically to the top anyways by the time he told me! Psh. People these days... ;) So I let go and screamed like a little girl! It was SOO much fun though! I'm so glad that I did it. I was harnessed to the swing so I let go with my hands, and it felt like I was flying. The wind rushing through my ears, swinging back and forth. Ahh! I just want to do it again right now! They slowed me down towards the end to stop me. It was over wayy too fast, now that I think about it. I wish I could have taken some pictures, but I didn't have my camera with me. :(
After all the canoeing, hiking, and the challenge courses I was exhausted! We had about an hour of free time before dinner, so I just chilled with friends in their cabin.

Next was dinner and the faith walk. We met down in the main amphitheater to start our faith walk. To make the long story short... We had to stay silent throughout the whole thing while they had about 5-7 girls at a time go up to where it started. They blindfolded us and we had to hold on to a rope which led us through the woods. There were people along the way that whispered to us, telling us which way to go. We ended up in a meadow where we could take off our blindfold and see everyone else there. It was a very cool experience. :)

After all that was over we met with our wards. Since girls camp is a church-related activity, we have to have some spiritual time together so that night we had a testimony meeting. I'm not a big fan of sharing my testimony (shame on me!) but I did anyways. It was really cold that night so we were all bundled up in blankets and sat in front of a warm fire.

This fantastic day was almost over. We went to the main pavilion for some peach cobbler and ice cream for dessert, and went back to our cabins to get some sleep. Woot! ;)

So there you have it... Day 3 was LONG, but totally fun!

Next up... day 4!
(Don't worry it's not very long!)

P.S.- Thanks to anyone who actually read that whole thing!! :)

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