Wednesday, October 20, 2010

just another day

heyy everyone! i'm just going to do a quick post about my day... it was nothing too exciting, just another ordinary day. ;)

i started my day off just like any other day. i have a certain routine that i have to follow in order to get to the bus stop on time for school. wake up at 6:45, get dressed, do hair, do makeup, pack lunch, and if i'm lucky... eat breakfast, and be out the door by 7:54 exactly! ;) today i had a little extra time to spare, so i went outside for some fresh air and saw this amazing sunrise...
{if you were wondering why it says "bar 10 ranch" in all of my sunrise pictures is because i live right next to this ranch and there is no other way to get around it to get a decent picture. ha!}

so cool! anyways, my day continued with school and talking/hanging out with friends. for the last class period i have of the day is my favorite class... spanish! my teacher is hilarious and just awesome. i always leave that class with my jaw hurting because i'm laughing constantly. :P for the rest of the day i have had the most random spanish word stuck in my head for some reason... it's crema de cacahuate aka peanut butter! weird huh?

after school there was one last football game that me and my friend kennedy had to film for the team and for my spanish teacher (who is the head coach of the football team). we totally creamed the other team with a final score of 38-14. right after the game it started storming which was SO awesome because our mascott is Thunder. what a coincidence?!

so now i am home eating chinese take-out, listening to the thunder and lightening storm, and of course... blogging.

how are you today?! :)


Allie said...

I LOVE that picture! That is amazing!

√örsula said...

Lovely picture. I'm spanish and I like you find my language fun! ^_^ On Wednesday I taught privet leasons in the church school!

Kate said...

Wow, amazing shot! The sky is so beautiful.