Sunday, October 3, 2010

the little things...

have you ever realized it's the simple things that make you happy? well, today i was simply happy because of the little things. here are a few examples:

1. the rain. i just love rain! here are a few pics i took of rain drops... :)


i'm trying out a new watermark for my photography. what do you think?

2. general conference. general conference is when the leaders of my church speak to other members of our church. they're very inspiring, and i love listening to their talks.
Salt Lake Temple {credit}
3. movie night with friends. my bestie, kennedy, invited me over to watch a movie last night {saturday}. we watched when in rome. it's a chick-flick, which are always fun to watch! but i really liked the movie, it was cute. :)

what made you happy this weekend??

p.s.- sorry for having a bad attitude about my blog the other day. i guess i just needed to vent my feelings. sorry about that! :/


Shelley said...

Simple, yet lovely things! Nice new watermark! A new friend has made me happy this weekend! Beautiful photos, especially the rain drops! :)

Makay said...

That movie was so cute! :)

Oh, and those raindrop pictures are really good, I love the first one!

No need to apologize, that is what a blog is for, and that is why we are here. :)

Love, Makay

Laney said...

I love that first rain picture!! And your new watermark is super cute!
Spending time with my family and rearranging my room made me happy this weekend! :)

Lauren said...

LOOOOOVE "When in Rome"! Best movie to watch with the girlies.

Anonymous said...

your photos are amazing! i just bounced over here and love it!!

i especially love all of your autumn leaf pictures! definitely get me happy for the fallidays!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

LOVE everything about this post :)

Emma said...

i'm all about the simple things, they make life so much better!

carlotta said...

I definitely agree on the simple things! Dare I say they're probably my favorite part of life? Because they are!

Love those rain shots! I've been wanting to see When in Rome for awhile, but haven't gotten around to it. It looks super cute!

Anonymous said...

I want to see when in rome because Kristen Bell was played one of my favorite characters in the show Heros!