Monday, November 8, 2010


hello everyone! sorry i've been gone for so long. i have so many things going on lately, so here is a recap on what's been happening! starting with halloween.... {which was like 2 weeks ago!}

1. halloween night  i dressed up as a greek goddess, and went to a halloween party that i was co-hosting with my friend, sadie! ;) we played numerous games, ate plenty of junk food, and watched a creepy and suspenseful movie! about 20 of our friends came and we had a blast. :)

Here is my costume. :) Sorry for the grainy picture.

2. school, school, school  and even MORE school  i've had so much homework lately, it's not even funny! book reports, science projects, math problems, foods and nutrition tests, spanish conjugating, scripture studying, and much more! it's intense. i got high honor roll last quarter, so i'm hoping all the homework this quarter will pay off and i can receive the honor roll award again.

3. babysitting  recently, a lady in my neighborhood has asked me to babysit her two little girls while she works a couple times a week. she asked me to babysit 2 or 3 times a week, for a couple of hours each day. i'm really excited about this because i get paid quite a bit, which means i will be able to provide the things i need for myself! no more begging mom and dad for money when i need to go somewhere. ;)

the next few are pretty random...

4. taylor swift  her new CD "speak now" is one of my favorite things to listen to right now. her music is so real, and catchy. i just love it! my faves from the CD are speak now, mine, and mean. have you listened to her new cd? what is your favorite song?

5. etsy  i have been searching etsy lately, and i found some amazing jewelry that will be on my christmas list this year. observe...

i love them all! which one is your favorite?

so there is a little recap of my life. again, sorry for not posting!


p.s.- #2 and #3 are the major reasons why i can't post as often. but i will try to post something every weekend, and if i'm lucky atleast once or twice during the week! :)

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Roadrunner said...

I love your halloween outfit! And you look so pretty in the picture! :)