Sunday, November 21, 2010


this idea came from another blog i read, pastor's girl's ponderings. :)

confession- i'm a shopaholic.

psyche. i'm not. i just felt like saying that because i love the movie "confessions of a shopaholic."

confession- although i say i'm not a shopaholic, i finally bought this shirt from this post today. i was so happy when i found it in the store & my size, too!

confession- i'm obsessed with cupcakes. i saw a keep calm and eat a cupcake journal at barnes & noble and gasped... really loud and dramatically. i also saw a cupcake 2011 calendar and i was really tempted to buy it! and ALSO there was a cupcake necklace that i wanted oh so badly, just for the fun of it. actual cupcakes themselves are pretty amazing too.

confession- i'm secretly unhappy.

confession- i need someone to vent my feelings to without them judging me.

confession- i watch every new episode of big time rush with one of my best friends, danielle. :)

This is us, having fun at the mall. :)

confession- i hate vegetables. (random!)

confession- twitter has taken over my life. not really... but pretty close. ;)

confession- thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. besides christmas of course.

confession- i'm just like any other teenage girl who takes pictures of herself in the mirror with her cell phone. i'm cool like that. dont judge!

confession- i work and think best late at night.

confession- i very much dislike (trying not to use the word hate) harry potter! *gasp* ok... i don't really hate it, i just don't find it interesting in any way.

confession- i usually don't get to bed until about 11:30-midnight on school nights. then after school almost everyday, i take a nap. ha!

ahh, that felt good to get off my chest!
have a good day everybody. :)

p.s.- all these pictures were taken from my phone. sorry for the bad quality!


Polka Dot said...

I want that journal SO BAD! I am also super-obsessed with cupcakes. :)

Mahalia said...

Love that journal! BE HAPPY! I've been feeling a bit unhappy myself lately, not that I've mentioned it to anyone. I think we all need someone to vent to, without them judging us. Hope you find someone.
Mahalia xx