Sunday, November 21, 2010


we tend to take things for granted and most of us don't take the time to be thankful for what we have.
with this upcoming week being thanksgiving i thought that this would be the perfect time to list things i am thankful for. starting today until thanksgiving, i will post 5 things that i am grateful for that day.  i thought it would be fun for everyone to do this too so we can all be grateful and give thanks.

so with that said, i made a cute little button and added a linky tool at the bottom of this post for everybody to link up!

Give Thanks

all you have to do is write a post listing 5 things your grateful for that day, grab the code (underneath the button) and paste into your post, and then link up at the bottom. :)

the 5 things I'm grateful for today are:

  1. a warm house for shelter
  2. my church and religion
  3. caring parents
  4. a nice, comfy bed to sleep on ;)
  5. the rain we received today!

see it's that easy! now, it's your turn!


Ashley Jean said...

Great idea! Is this just for today? Or 5 thing your thankful for everyday?

Kaylee H. said...

it's today through thanksgiving (thursday)! :)

Kaylee H. said...

sorry mis-read what you were asking.

ok! it's 5 things your grateful for THAT day. :)

Anonymous said...

what a cute idea! and i love how simple but truthful your thank things are. sometimes we overlook what's really important. i too am very thankful for a comfy bed, though! i love it :)

Polka Dot said...

Is it okay to link up if I only do it once? ;-)

Grace said...
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