Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Winter Fashion

so here's the story:
after going to a movie called "it's you again" (super cute and hilarious movie btw) with a few friends we walked to the mall nearby. the mall was about to close but we obviously didn't care.

we walked in and saw all the stores decorated for christmas. *LOVE* we stopped at a few of our favorite stores before they closed and lemme tell ya... i am soo ready for christmas. not only for the presents and the delicous food but for the shopping! since i am earning money faster now, i think i'm going to save up a lot of it so i can buy some cute clothes for the winter.

want to see some of my favorite items right now? good becuse i'm going to show you anyways. ;) {a lot of it is from the same store fyi} and before i show you, let me just say that i am not a fashionista and i suck at fasion. but i do love to shop and i can usually pick out some decent outfits. ha!

1. boots!

ok these look cuter in person! just sayin'

from HERE and HERE.

2. sweaters and cardi's

from HERE and HERE.

3. cute graphic t's

it's true!

how cute is that owl?!
You could easily wear these with a sweater and/or a scarf to wear for winter!

from HERE, HERE, and HERE.

4. jeans

from HERE

5. accessories 

from HERE and HERE.

wow! that's a lot of clothes! ;) these are just a few things that are on my wishlist of things to buy. these items are all great in my opinion. you should also check out the links. they're some of my favorite places to shop!

which item do like best? what are you wearing this winter?



Shelley said...

Really nice clothes! :) My fav boots are the second pair, I like the last sweater out of the 3, the owl tee or the one above it are both my favs, I like those jeans!, and I like the scarf the best out of the accessories! :) They all look like awesome winter clothes!

Alexandrea Rossi said...

Holy crap Kaylee! Those brown boots at the very top are freaking cute as heck! If you find them anywhere, tell me where you got them!

Polka Dot said...

Oh my word, I need that cupcake shirt SO bad!