Thursday, November 25, 2010


today is thanksgiving and i am oh-so-excited! today, is one of my favorite holidays. not only because of the food that we get to eat, but because of the meaning. my family and i will be feasting at my cousins home here, in southern utah. i hope there will be lots of good food. especially pumpkin pie! mmmm, my favorite. :) what's your favorite thing to eat at thanksgiving?

i was thinking... what does thanksgiving really mean? it doesn't mean to just eat and stuff your faces all day. i know it is a day of thanks, but i wanted to see what the real definition was. so i went to good ol' and typed in thanksgiving. here is the definition that came up:


  1. the act of giving thanks; grateful acknowledgment of benefits or favors, esp. to god.
  2. and expression of thanks

ok... so basically that means to be grateful and give thanks. that's pretty simple, right? well, if it's that simple... why isn't it thanksgiving everyday?

this upcoming video is a video that was made by my church. it isn't just made for the members of our church. it applies to anyone who celebrates thanksgiving. if you are interested, please watch. it has a great meaning. :)

i'm not meaning to be religious here, i'm just stating my opinion and beliefs on this holiday. :) thanks for reading and i hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving!♥

p.s.- the last 5 things i'm thankful for today:
  1. all of my family
  2. things that bring me joy
  3. good weather
  4. the president of my church
  5. shoes :)

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Grace said...

So true! and maybe like the video said, we forget to give thanks everyday because we see the simple things like clouds, nature, family etc everyday, and because we have it, we take it for granted. Well, you have a happy thanksgiving girl! Have fun!

Katherine said...

Hey Kaylee! Thanks so much for asking a question, it will for sure be featured in my next post, and i will be linking up to your blog - so keep an eye out for that :)
Your blog is beautiful - the design is oh so lovely.
Hope you are having a wonderful day..
K xxx