Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Weekend

This weekend we have a "long" weekend. I call it a "long" weekend because it's not that long. It's only one more day off. But I'm NOT complaining! It was nice to have Monday off of school. Anyways I actually had a really fun weekend. It mostly just consisted of hanging out with my friend, Skye (and occasionally some other friends too!)
Here's how it went:
On Friday was our Valentines Day dance at our school. It was surprisingly really fun. I didn't dance with anyone but I still had fun dancing with my crazy friends!
After the dance, I went over to Skye's house. We had really fun prank calling people, eating pudding, and just acting stupid! Here are a few crazy pics of us eating pudding:

Acting overly excited about pudding?? I think so!

Mmm... deliciouso!

On Saturday, I went back to Skye's house and rode horses. I loved it! Jancyn came too, which was really fun.  It was my first time riding a horse for 2 years. I rode horses for 3 years when I was younger. (Random fact that you may or may not have known about me! :D) So it was nice to get back on again. I didn't get any pics of us riding horses, but I'll be sure to if we do it again!
After that, we thought it would be fun to go to the gas station nearby and buy some junk food. hahah
Here are some more pics of that:

We bought a 1/2 dozen of doughnuts, a slurpee, and 2 cherry turnovers!
That's a lot of junk food!

Our empty doughnut box. :P
Skye and Jancyn eating their cherry turnovers.

Sunday was obviously Valentines Day. It was just a usual sunday for our family. We didn't do anything too special for Valentines. But later that night my youngest sister Jaynee, lost her first tooth! The weird thing is, is that I was the one to help her pull it out. I would usually be grossed out and not touch it at all, but I helped her pop it right out!
This is a picture of her toothless grin:

Isn't it cute? (:

Monday, we had school off so guess what I did? I hung out with Skye, AGAIN! This time Kenzie and my other friend Tenaya came too. It was really sunny that day and we thought that we could possibly get a tan... yeah that didn't work out that great. haha! So we thought it would be cool to walk to the duck pond and see the ducks.

Top: Kenzie and Tenaya
Bottom: Me and Skye

So that was my awesome weekend! Now back to school today!

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