Sunday, February 7, 2010

My 14th Birthday

Friday, February 5th, was my 14th birthday...

and I had lots of fun!

Here's how my day went:
I obviously had to go to school that day. My AWESOME friends surprised me with a chocolate cake, and a huge poster made for me at lunch. They also decorated my locker and sang to me infront of the whole cafeteria, which was quite embarrassing, especially when random people started singing along!
After school, my family went to one of my favorite mexican grills in town called 'Durangos'. I had a cheese quesedilla with beans and rice. YUM! (I ♥ Mexican food in case you were wondering) We then opened presents and ate cake. My mom made me a red velvet cake. YUM (again)! And I got concert tickets to Colbie Caillat, 2nd row seating baby!

Next, my friends and I decided to go to our high school's basketball game, which was really fun! We won, 65-63!!

My friend, Camber and I at the game.
Go Desert Hills Thunderrrr!!!

After that... me, Kennedy, and Jancyn had a sleepover. We just talked and acted stupid the whole time.
The nice thing about having your birthday on a Friday is that you get to party all weekend! So on saturday, me and my friends went to a DELICIOUS, self-serve, frozen yogurt place called 'Krave'! Mmm..
After that, guess what we got to go see...??
Best. movie. ever. I loved it.
Unfortunately, there were some parts that disappointed me, but isn't that what happens to every book and movie? I highly recommend it!

So that was my birthday! (:

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