Friday, February 26, 2010

10 Random Things About Me

I have been feeling really random today, so I think I'm going write 10 random things about me! 
Here I go...
  1.  I LOVE CHEESE! I'm not writing this just to be funny, I really do LOVE cheese! (:
  2. I wash my hands a lot. No, I'm not a germ-a-phobe, I just wash my hands a lot for some reason.
  3. My nails are currently painted "Barbie" pink. Yes, "Barbie" pink! ;)
  4. I'm going to the Colbie Caillat concert tonight!! I got tickets for my birthday.
  5. I want to visit Paris someday. I would love to see the Eiffel Tower!.
  6. I love photography. I think it would be fun to do for a 2nd job when I'm older.
  7. I personally think the Winter Olympics are boring, but the Summer Olympics are a lot more interesting! It's just that the Winter Olympics have the weirdest sports... like the Biathlon? What the? 
  8. Unfortunately, I'm not very coordinated or flexible. I did gymnastics for a couple of months when I was like 7, but I wasn't very good at it even then.
  9. I hate reading. I'm trying to be better at it though.
  10. I love lip gloss. I guess it's just a "girl thing".
There you have it... 10 random things about me!

Have a great weekend! (:

P.S.- I'll do a post about the Colbie Caillat concert sometime this weekend.

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