Friday, August 20, 2010

It's Friday!

My favorite day of the week! This week has gone by pretty fast for me for some reason. Which is weird because you would think school would always make things longer and more dreadful. Not this week, I guess. Don't get me wrong, I still have to do homework and it can be very stressful at times but it's only the first technical week of school. {Ok, I'm getting off topic here}

Anywhoooo, today has been a good day so far. Luckily, I got to school on time this morning because on Wednesday... I didn't. Oops. {Let's not go into detail of that day. Worst day of the week right there. Ugh!} I also turned in my first Geography project in on time today, which is always good. 
In my Foods and Nutrition class, we made some fresh salsa! It was really yummy! Then after school, I went with Kenzie over to the high school to see if she made it in the play... I will let her tell you guys that news. :)

My mom then picked me up from the high school and took me to the hair salon to get my hair cut! My hair was deeply in need of a hair cut. My split ends were horrible and my bangs grew out terribly long, so it was much needed. Wanna see the new do? Here's a pic:

Sorry for the bad quality. The picture was taken from my phone.
I cut off 2 inches and got a few layers to thin it out a bit. It feels SO much better! What do you think?

So later tonight I'm going over to my friend, Danielle's, house to watch one of our favorite shows. Big Time Rush. haha! The MOVIE comes out tonight, so I insisted on see it!! I can't wait!

So that's my fantastic Friday! 
Hope you all have a wonderful day :)


OhhLaceyy said...

LOVE the new hair and the bangs!! so cute :)

have a great weekend girl!!!

Sereina said...

Glad you had a good day, Kaylee! You hair looks great!

Shelley said...

Great new hairstyle! It looks really good! :) Fridays are my favourite days too! TGIF!

Kenzie said...

Your haircut is adorable!!! :D And of course, I hope you had fun watching Big Time Rush! ;)

Kaylee H. said...

Thanks everyone!

Elyssa said...

I love your bangs :)

Iris said...

I love your hair! and I'm just wondering, how do you pronounce your name?

carlotta said...

Your cut is presh! I love it :)

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