Friday, July 15, 2011

A New Look

It's friday! I'm probably out in the wilderness camping by the time you read this because these posts are scheduled. But I hope you all have a great friday!

For today's post I just quickly wanted to share something totally awesome. Like, I'm so dang excited. I saw THIS idea from a website called The Beauty Department. (You'll have to click on the link to look at it and then come back and read the rest. I don't want to copyright the pictures from the site) It's just basically tie-dying the ends of your hair as you could tell from the site.
Well, me and my friend Danielle decided we are going to do it to our hair once we get back from camping. It's going to look soo cool and I'm way excited! I'll definitely post a picture once it's done. This is an interesting, but cool trend for the summer, and I can't wait to try it. Once school starts back up, I can simply trim it off. Like I said, I'm sooo excited. I hope it turns out!
Ok, enough with the rambling! This is really quick post, but I just wanted to share this trend.

Image Credit
This is just another idea of what it looks like. I love love love the purple!

What do you think? Would you ever do this to your hair?



Anonymous said...


hannah :) said...

i think its way cute, but not on me :) haha. looks good on you though!

Anonymous said...

Great post :) I used to have a purple stripe and a blue stripe in my hair. The only problem with blue is when mine started to fade it faded to a green colour. But purple fades out fine :) if you want to see a picture of it look here

Brooke said...

Ooo what an awesome idea. If I weren't on the job market looking for my first job out of college, I'd definitely consider doing it haha. Very cool, though. :)

razzzleberries said...

please follow my blog!! this blog is soo cute and i love your fashion and beauty sense!!