Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Day in the Life in Pictures

July 1, 2011
{1}  Blogging in bed on my mini laptop.

{2}  Cherrios for breakfast!

{3}  Playing "Polly Pockets" with little sister

{4}  Currently reading "It's Not Summer Without You." It's the second book to the series of "The Summer I Turned Pretty." I'm using my Daisy by Marc Jacobs perfume sample as my bookmark. It smells AMAZING!

{5}  This is my outfit of the day. Nothing too special. It's actually my first outfit I've ever posted here on my blog!

{6}  Later I went swimming with Taylor, Cheylie, and Danielle at Cheylie's house for her birthday!

{7}  Gorgeous orange flowers were in Cheylie's backyard.

{8}  I think out-of-focus pictures look really cool! That is the view of the pool, if you can tell.

{9}  And last, but not least... celebrating Cheylie's birthday with cupcakes and balloons! (Look at those balloons... they're the same colors as my blog!!)

Let me know if you like these posts and want me to do more!
xo, Kaylee


Shelley said...

Yes! I like these kinds of posts, very interesting! And yeah, the balloons do match your blog! Nice photos Kaylee! :)

(I'm hosting my very first giveaway on my blog, come check it out and enter!)

kenzie said...

Kaylee... I like these posts and I want you to do more. like badly. :) Hopefully I can be in one... hahah!!! We just needa chill is all i'm saying. ;) But july is soooo busy! ugh!!

By the way, i LOVE the pictures! :) Which camera did you use to take them? Cuz I'm totes jealin'. oh!! Did you know that Blake broke my camera!??? I was SOO pissed off. like SO. The lense won't come out all the way and it actually only takes wayyy out of focus pictures now. I need to get it fixed. :((

There was something else I was going to say, but I forgot.... oh ya!! 80 followers?! awesome!! :D I'm so proud! ;) hahah!

Well, i hope you enjoyed this long and silly comment of mine. because i enjoy you. (that's what she said.) okay.... awk.

TExT MEh!! Love you.

Sophie said...

This post is sweet! You should definitely do more like it! (: I looove the pictures! (: