Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July Fourth

 If you live in the USA you would know that July 4th is a very important day in our country. It's the day we gained Independence from Britain. (I'm surprised I knew that! ha!) Anyways, this day we always celebrate with parades, BBQ's, and fireworks. I did a few things differently this year, but it's basically all the same. I hope you all had a great 4th of July spent with friends and family, like I did. Here's how my day went:

This 4th of July started off by going to the river with some friends!

Hey! It's Kenzie! :)

That's me taking phone pictures of the guys skimboarding. awkward.

Kennedy skimboarding.. yeah! If you've never heard of skimboarding before, you use a small flat board and throw the board down so it glides on the water, and jump on and skim! (That made no sense, but I don't really know how to explain it. If you still don't understand, google it.) It usually only works in shallow water.

Then we found some clay on the riverbanks and started drawing stuff on each other!

All of us with nasty clay all over our bodies. And yes, we do realize how short the girls are compared to the guys. ha!

Edit to add: If you want more details about the river, Kenzie did a post HERE.

After going home and getting all that nasty clay off my body, it was time to get ready for the BBQ! I contributed by making a cake. Not just any cake, a vanilla cake with a flag using blueberries and strawberries! ;)
I saw the idea on the internet some where, and then I just recreated it myself. What do you think?

I didn't really want you to see my kitchen so I blurred it out. sorry if it looks weird! 
For the BBQ we had friends come over to our house, but I didn't get any pictures of that. After dinner, we all headed out to town to find our place to watch the city fireworks. While waiting for the firework show to start we ate sno cones and listened to a country band sing and play for the whole crowd.

Again, sorry for the bluriness in the corner. It could give away my city name... internet safety, people! ;)
And now time for the FIREWORKS!
This years firework show was seriously awesome. I loved it. We actually were so close to where they were launching them, the ash from the fireworks were falling into our eyes! It was worth it though.

So that's my Fourth of July in a nutshell! God bless america :)

P.S.- Thanks so much for the feedback on my "Fifteen" post. I've realized a lot more than what I said in the post. haha!


Gina said...

That cake looks so yummy! And what a great idea to make it look like a flag! Very patriotic :)

I'm glad you had a happy 4th! Skim boarding looks really fun!

xo, gina

Abby said...

i love those firework photos! (:

Anonymous said...

Your 4th of july sound similar to our aussie day here in australia!