Sunday, December 12, 2010


so remember the post i wrote here? well, i attended the meeting to get the details of the trip and the meeting answered a lot of my questions. i found out that the price of the trip is an amazing price compared to other tour company's. i got home from the meeting and talked to my dad about it briefly. i had to go to do a service project with my youth group right after that so i didn't get to talk much about it.

well... when i got home, danielle (one of my best friends) was with me, both of our parents were sitting there in my living room talking. i guess they were discussing details about the trip with eachother. and to my surprise, they announced to us that we can't go to europe...

just kidding. :) they said that...


i was so, so, sooooo excited! to be honest, i didn't have my hopes up before, so i was definitely shocked. there is just one problem... it's not til march of 2012, so i still have a while. that will be good though because i will have enough time to earn the money.

sorry about the quality. it was taken with my computer's webcam.
this is really something i've been dreaming about for couple years, and now it's going to happen. it's almost unreal to me. i keep asking myself,  "am i really going to europe?" it's unusual for something like this to happen to me!
the eiffel tower is what i'm most excited to see!

i'm just tired of staying inside of the united states. i've never left the country, and i just want to get out of this place and see all the amazing things around this world. i've said this a billion times before, but this is my dream. i've always wanted to travel out of the country and just get out of here! so yes, this is a big deal to me.

this is a once in a life time opportunity that i cannot miss!! :)

well, that is all i have to say for now. hope you all have a great weekend!


p.s.- 13 more days until christmas!


Sands said...

OMG! Congrats! It's going to be an amazing experience, I can just smell it! So happy for you Kaylee!!!


Katie said...

that's so exciting! I was gonna go to England last summer, but that didn't work out, so I ended up going to the Middle East, which was amazing. I had a layover in Paris for a few hours, and my flight got delayed, so I got to hang out in Paris for a day :)) It was fantastic!

I'm so excited for you! :)

Laney said...

oh my goodness, how exciting!! that is so amazing that you get that opportunity! :) you will absolutely LOVE Europe and I'm so glad you get to experience it!

Iris said...

Hey Kaylee,
I tagged you at my main blog, meandering Iris.
And, EUROPE??? Lucky!

Mikayla said...

That's awesome!
I'm SO jealous!
oh and p.s. you are super gorgeous!