Saturday, December 4, 2010

Dreams do come True

this past week, i have found out great news. i have been thinking about it all week. i can't seem to get my mind off of it! i'll try to summarize. ;) here's the story...

on wednesday, there were posters that hung on the walls of the school that has london, paris, and italy across the top in big letters. then the caption read, "you should go!" (wow, they got real creative with that. ;)) i kept walking... not knowing exactly what it meant.
so i went on with my day, and then we had school announcements. they had announced that "if you are interested on going onto the european tour, please go to the meeting on tuesday." oh. my gosh! i was like what?! there is a tour to europe! i was sooo surprised. they continued to say to go to the geography teacher's classroom after school to pick up a flyer.

so school finally got out, and one of my best friends, danielle, and I ran down to the classroom to see what it was about. we picked up the flyer and were freaking out! people probably thought we were weird. but its whatev. the most dreaded thing that i wasn't looking forward to was looking at the price for the trip. 

it's a couple thousand dollars. and let's just say that i'm not made of money. ;)

so the trip would be 10 days long, and it includes tours of london, paris, italy, AND rome. the trip isn't until march of 2012 but ummm hello dream vacation! i didn't want to get my hopes up because i still hadn't talked to my parents and who knows what their answer would be. so i got home and i told my dad about it as soon as i could, trying to stay as calm as possible. to my surprise, my parents would said that it would be a great opportunity and that i should go! they just said i have to earn as much money as possible.

so i'm anticipating the meeting on tuesday to find out the details. it's not official yet, but this is literally my dream vaction. i will work as hard as i can to earn the money. :) here are a few pictures of the places we will be visiting... all credit to

so my friends... that is my story. i really hope this will happen. i can't wait! thanks for reading. :)



Alexandrea Jane said...

Kaylee! I hope you and Dani will be able to afford this! I can totally picture you, on an airplane singing BTR the whole way there, hahahaha.

Grace said...

that sounds so fun! that is awesome. :)

Charming Elephant said...

What a great oppertunity! I wish you luck with your savings and (um) if you go, do take some pictures! :D

Kaylee H. said...

Andrea- Thanks! I know... I'm really hoping we can make it work!

Grace- Thanks :)

Charming Elephant- Thank you. The trip isn't for a year or so, but I will DEFINITELY take pictures!!

Hayhay said...

Awesome! :)

Alexandra! said...

Europe is definately the place I would love to go more than anywhere! That's so amazing you may get to go!!!

I wish money wasn't always such a big problem! :()

Kaylee H. said...

Alexandrea- Agreed!!

Sands said...

Awww, I really hope it works out! I always daydream of going on a dream trip like that and you know what, my dream might just come true! I'm applying for an exchange program to study abroad next semester :)


Elise said...

Wow! You have NO idea how completely jealous I am. It is my dream to go to Europe. I hope it has all worked out :)