Monday, December 27, 2010


to be honest... i have put off posting for so long now. i'm lazy unmotivated to put up a post. i know i said i would share a whole bunch a pictures of my christmas break, but for today it might just be a few. i figured since this is my blog, i can post when i want, right? so sorry i have been absent for a while.

here a couple of pictures from christmas, but not as many as i planned on sharing.

It rained almost the whole week of Christmas, it even caused a flood in the river in our town. It was crazy!

My lil' sister with her santa hat on :)

Making gingerbread cookies!

so that's all i have to share with you today. i hope you all had a wonderful christmas! :)

p.s.- i got the digital camera that i've been wanting for christmas! can't wait to share some of the pictures i've taken with it already. it's a great camera; i'm impressed!


Grace said...

these are all great photos. ;) i'm excited to see some of the photos taken with your new camera!

Roadrunner said...

Great pictures :) Looking forward to seeing more!