Tuesday, September 7, 2010

labor day hike

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anyways, i also decided this post would have no capital letters. just for fun. random, i know. :o)

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so as you know, it was labor day on monday. {well, if you live in the u.s.} i had a pretty good time this weekend spending time with my family and friends. on friday, i went to my high school's tail-gate party for our homecoming football game. after the party, the game started. our team won! we actually played the high school that my mom went to when she was in high school. what a coincidence!

saturday was very laid back for my family. we went swimming in the afternoon and spent the rest of the afternoon chilling at home.

yesterday, {labor day} our family and extended family decided that we would go on hike together. we met at a small town about 30 mins away from where i live. we went up a small dirt road and that's where we started our hike. the hike was pretty easy for the first part. but the rest of the way we were pretty much hiking in a river. not a trail. the water was about 40 degrees, so my toes were completely numb! here are few pictures of what the hike looked like: {just an fyi: i did very minimal editing to these photos}

this is my dad and my little sister, jaynee, walking through the river.
and of course, the one picture that i get of myself... is out of focus. oh well. it still looks cool in a way.

then there was a part of the hike where we had to climb up a log ladder next to this waterfall. it was very creepy, but fun at the same time.

after hiking through some more water and canyons, we finally made it to the top where the waterfall slide was. it was very cool! while we were up there, we took a break and had some lunch.

this is the waterfall slide. the slide pretty much goes straight down.
my dad and little sister relaxing after a long hike.

and this is my brother, kason, who you don't get to see much of because he refuses to get his picture taken. i think this is a good picture of him though. :o)
i didn't go to down the slide because it was way too cold, but my cousins and my brother did. here a few action shots:




then, we had to take the long treacherous hike back down the canyon! it was crazy, but totally fun. as you can tell from some of the pictures it was beautiful up there. if you ever get the chance to visit utah i recommend that you go hiking somewhere. it is very pretty around here. :)

so enough about me.. what did you do this weekend??


roadrunner said...

Lovely pictures - looks like you had so much fun :)

♥: http://walkingintheairr.blogspot.com


I did that hike a couple of weeks ago! It was a lot of fun! But very cold! haha

Abby said...

1) you are TOO cool! a whole lowercase post? you seriously rock!

2) what kind of camera do you have? (:

3) you're just rad. (: