Monday, September 13, 2010


today, our school got out earlier than usual. you don't even know how happy i was about that! well, after school, me and my besties decided we should hang out since school was out early. kenzie offered for all of us to go chill at her house for the afternoon, so that's what we did! being that she only lives about 2 blocks away from our school we all walked over to her house. we all chipped in to order pizza from one of our fave pizza places, and enjoyed hanging out with eachother. after eating, we played just dance on the wii (such a fun game, btw), and talked about random stuff. dinner time came, and everyone had to leave.
now, the party begins... ;) kidding. but really.

me and kenzie, being our hyper crazy selves decided to draw faces on the bottom of our toes. don't hate. wanna see?

aww, aren't they cute?!

we also took some other silly pictures together. observe...

then we made a very interesting peanut butter cookie recipe. they turned out... umm... good, i guess! they were a little undercooked, but that's ok because cookies are cookies, right?!

so that's me and kenzie for ya! yes, we are weird. yes, these pictures are embarrassing. yes, i am posting this on my blog, yes, i love her. the end.

p.s.- capital letters are overrated. so i'm posting without capital letters for a while. hope you don't mind. ;o)


Kenzie said...

I love how you post the ugliest ones of me. ;) haha!!! :) Goood tiiimes. :D

Josie said...

Kaylee, our co-op is a like a
extra-curricular thing on Friday. We do school all week and then Friday is co-op {which part of my school-well the Tapestry is it's history}
Hehehe, love the pictures!

lauren anne said...

love them :) i love lowercase letters SO much!

lauren anne