Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Weekend at the Cabin

Like I mentioned before... one of my best friends (ever since we were babies), Danielle, invited me to her family's cabin this past weekend! We had a great time! We left on Thursday (22nd) and came home Monday (26th).

We spent most of our time riding four-wheelers and watching movies. The weather up there was amazing! It rained for a little bit each day, which made it smell sooo good. {I love the smell of rain!} We roasted marshmallows, played outside, and searched for deer.

Danielle and me riding the four-wheelers. Sporting our police-looking helmets. :)

Danielle's sister, Alexandrea, riding the four-wheeler.

Danielle and me again. {Please ignore my ugly-ness in this picture!}
I didn't take hardly any pictures, but Danielle's mom took some on their camera. I'll be sure to post some once I get them though!

Oh! One more thing... Danielle and Alexandrea got me hooked on a show on Nickelodeon while we were there. It's called Big Time Rush! It's super funny, and the 4 main characters are guys. Hott guys. :) It's my new obsession.

The one in the middle, with the red shirt is my favorite! His name is Logan.

The show is about four hockey-playing guys from Minnesota who have the opportunity to become famous and move to LA to start their own boy band. You can read more about the show HERE.

This is my favorite song by them:

So anyways... that was my fabulous weekend! I had a great time up there, and hope to go back sometime. Lot's of silly memories were made there!

What did you do this weekend?


Makay said...

Sounds like a blast! I MISS MY BEST FRIEND... Dear Honduras, let her come home (She's on a mission) but luckily 9 more days and she is coming home! Finally! She has only been gone ALL summer. ;)

And yeah that show looks funny- i think I may check it out...

I recently discovered an amazing show! Sue Thomas: FBEYE.

It is legit- Go check it out. ;)

LOVE, Makay

Elyssa said...

Sounds and looks like fun :)

Annie said...

I like James the best. I LOVE BTR!