Friday, July 16, 2010

Top 5 Celebrity Crushes+

So I've been crushin' on some celebrities lately, and I thought it would be fun to list my Top 5 Celeb Crushes. Hey, I'm a teenage girl... don't hate. ;) Maybe you will agree on a few! So let's get started shall we...

1. Taylor Lautner
He's been my number one for a LONG time. I even have a poster of him hanging on my wall in my bedroom. :)

2. Zac Efron
Can't wait to see him in "Charlie St. Cloud"!

3. Logan Lerman
I love him in "The Lightning Thief". His eyes are soo blue! I like blue eyes ;)

4. Channing Tatum
Dear John Pictures, Images and Photos
He is in "Dear John", one of my favorite movies.

5. Sterling Knight
I know what you're probably thinking, "He's just another Disney star", but I think he is sorta cute. haha I think the show Sonny With a Chance is pretty funny, and is the only show I'll watch on Disney Channel. {FYI, I prefer him with shorter hair} :P

So what do you think?
Who are your Top 5 Celeb Crushes??


Kylee said...

OMGOSH! Mr. Lautner IS sooooo fine! Not a big Effron fan, but he has grown up a bit, and is looking okie doke. Channing Tatum is a HUNK! haha! Love him! IDK who the other two are, but they are mighty cute. :P

Annie said...

I'm not sure about Sterling Knight...

But all the rest are ok. LOL

Thanks for sharing, I can tell that confidence is one thing u DO NOT lack. :P

Lacey said...

I'm right there with ya on Taylor And channing OMG sooo hot :)

leigh ashley said...

hey kaylee!! thank you SO much for stopping by my blog! i love making new friends!! and, by the way, your list is to die for!! yummy!! :)

Emma said...

oh goodness i love your top 2, taylor and zac are my favorite!!!

Busy Bee Lauren said...

Oh Sterling and Zac. Love them so much.