Tuesday, July 20, 2010


This weekend, I hade the chance to have girls night out with a few of my cousins and aunts, and my grandma!

We started the night off by seeing a play at a performing arts high school called Tuacahn. They are known for their Broadway in the Desert shows each summer. The show that we went to see was Disney's Tarzan. It was a great show! They had the apes swing over the audience on ziplines, and had lots of fun dances and music. Although it was VERY hot and we were all sweating in our seats, it was a fun experience and we all enjoyed it! {Unfortunately, there was "no flash photography" allowed so I didn't get to take any pictures of the show}

Here is what the theater looked like:

It is located outside, which is why we were so hot... even though it the show started at 8:30 PM!

The following morning my grandma had planned for all of us to go to a sewing class taught by one of our familys' friend, Lisa. It was mainly for the cousins, not the adults. To be honest... I wasn't too excited to do this because I already knew how to sew and would most likely just be watching.
The girls started off by learning how to sew straight lines, and all the basics. As I expected, I just watched. :/ After everyone had finally learned the basics, we started sewing pillow cases. I have already made a pillow case before so I knew it would be easy for me. Well, since we were limited on sewing machines I didn't even get to finish my pillow case... bummer! Oh well... I think it was still pretty fun and turned out to be a good morning.

After eating lunch at a delicious Mexican Grill, we headed over to the pool to swim! It was about 110 degrees outside, so it was much needed! I had a lot of fun being silly, and playing around with my lil' cousins. {I was the oldest cousin there} 

Being at the pool for over 3 hours or so is tiring, so we relaxed for few hours at the condo my cousins were staying in down here. {They're all from the Salt Lake City area} After showering, and getting ready we headed to a little restaurant here in town called Mongolian BBQ. Our family loves this place! YUM!

We FINALLY ended our weekend with a movie night. The girls watched a movie at Lisa and her family's house, while the aunts talked and visited. The movie that the girls chose was "Hairspray". Not one of my personal favorites, but I was pretty thrilled to see Zac Efron in it! ;) We ate some buttery pocorn, and sang along to the songs.
My dad came and picked me and my little sister up, and that... was the end of my weekend!

Overall... it was pretty fun, and kept me entertained the whole weekend!! I'm really looking forward to next year's GNO :)

{Sorry, I tried to keep that post as brief as possible!}

What did YOU do this weekend??


Anonymous said...

COOL! Sounds like u had a lot of fun. IT's always good to get out of the house and have just a weekend with girls.

Kenzie said...

Sounds totally fun! Blake went to Tuachan the same time you did. Did you see him there?

Kaylee H. said...

Thanks guys :)
Kenzie~ I didn't see Blake there. haha The show was sold out so there were TONS of people there!