Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Week & Jaynee's Birthday

Hey everyone :) Sorry for the lack of posting. My family hasn't been up to anything too exciting lately, and neither have I. Last week, I went to the river again with friends and had a blast! I didn't take any pictures because I didn't want to risk losing my camera in the river. That would be bad.  I've also been playing night games with people from school that I haven't seen all summer... so that's always fun! :)

My youngest and only sister, Jaynee, turned 7! We called this her Golden birthday because she turned 7 on the 7th month on the 7th day. My mom and I made a pink cake for her, and decorated it with marshmallow fondant. We made it to match the plates that we are going to use for her party. The plates were gray, with dark pink, light pink, lavender, and white polka-dots. We are definetely not cake decorators, but I think it still turned out cute. Here are a few pics:

On Saturday, my mom and I went to see Eclipse!! Finally! And lemme tell ya... it was amazing! After the movie, we went to dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant in town called Durango's. I had a cheese quesodilla with beans and rice. :) Afterwards, we went window shopping the outlet mall across the street. It was nice to get out with my mom for a little bit.

Yesterday, I got to see one of my best friends that I haven't seen ALL summer! I was so excited! We went over to my other friends house and hung out there. We talked about our summer and other random things. We watched half of a movie, and ate our favorite snacks. :) We then went to Swig and bought some de-lish-us flavored lemonade! I had the strawberry lemonade :) YUM!!! Then we went back and layed on the hammock and talked some more. Very relaxed, but an awesome day!

So that's how my week has been so far!
Thanks for stopping by :)


Sereina said...

What a cute cake! Happy birthday to your sister!

Elyssa said...

That cake looks delicious!!

Shelley said...

Awesome cake! Interesting how you made a cake to match plates! Cool!