Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Egg-stravaganza!

The title is a little cheesy, but it works. ;)

Today is the first day of April! Yay!
(and also April Fool's Day... did anyone get pranked?)
Which means all sorts of Spring activities and holidays are coming our way... which includes Easter.
Anyone excited (or egg-cited, haha) for the Easter holiday? I love Easter!

Here is what I love about Easter:
-I love spending time with my family and extended family! We all make an effort to get together during this holiday and it always turns out great.
-Easter is during the Spring seasion, duh! What is there NOT to love about it??
-I love the actual meaning and true story behind Easter.
-I love my aunt Leslie's famous deviled eggs! Yum!
-I love watching the kids get soo excited when they find their eggs. I'm not much into the Easter egg hunts anymore, but I kinda wish I was again. ;)
-I love wearing my new spring dress on Easter Sunday. I just love fun, colorful dresses, and Easter is the perfect excuse to wear them! (: Here is the one I'm wearing this year:

During Easter... it has been a tradition that my cousins from my mom's side, comes down to our house in Southern Utah to do the usual Easter festivities. This year, we are doing something a little different. We are going to little town up north called Mt. Pleasant where most of my family from my mom's side lives. So during our 4 day weekend off from school, that's where we will be! (: It will be nice to do something different, but I still kind of wish I could stay here so I can still be able to hang out with my friends. Oh well... I will try to stay positive! (:

Hope you guys all have egg-stra great Easter!
(cheesy, once again ^^)
haha :P

{More blossoms, yay!}

P.S.- I won't be posting while I'm gone, but I'll post as soon as I get back!

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