Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dreaming of Summer... and My Weekend

Beware: This post is kinda long... and has lots of pictures.

It always seems like the last few months of school, everyone is dreaming of Summer. (obviously) Wishing that school would be completely done... at least for a couple of months. Wishing that we don't have to deal with teachers anymore. Wishing to sleep in. Wishing to start our Summer activities. Wishing for hot weather.
Ahhhh. I just want Summer to come already!

Well, this weekend the weather was PERFECT! It couldn't have been any better! Here in Southern Utah, the summer weather comes pretty quickly. This whole weekend the weather was completely sunny with a little bit of a breeze. It actually almost felt like summer.

Last Summer, my friends and I loved to go to a little store on Main Street called Judd's. This cute, little store has been here for who knows how long, but it has all sorts of old fashioned candy, scrumptious soups, delicious breadsticks, and ice-cream. We absolutely love it!
Here are some pics of the store...

An old picture of what it looked like who knows how long ago... haha

The shelf of candy and soda
It has all sorts of old fashioned decorations and cute antique stuff! I love it! (:

Right across the street is Town Square. Town Square has a little water park, a huge grassy field, a community garden, a library, and is a great place to chill with friends. There is even a little cupcake shop further down Main Street we can walk to also.
Some pictures of Town Square...
{FYI: Some of these were taken last summer, but it still looks the same.}

{In case you were wondering... that is Kenzie in that last picture :)}
Since we haven't been to Judd's since last summer, we {we, as in my friends} decided to take an advantage of the awesome weather and go there then go hang out across the street at Town Square. It was so much fun. (: We bought some bubble gum and had a bubble blowing contest. It was pathetic because me and Kennedy suck at blowing bubbles. haha We also posed with some statues. {There are statues scattered all around the park} This one is my favorite! It's soo weird, but I love it! ;)
{All these are pictures are from my phone that have been edited, so sorry about the bad quality}

The girl is reading us a book. ;)

Here are some more random pics we took while we were there:

Our pathetic bubbles. hah!

Kennedy and I

Ok so... we came back the next day and did the same thing again, but this time we brought Kenzie and Tenaya! haha
We had lot's of fun. (:

Until later that night... it wasn't too fun.

 We were playing night games with a whole bunch of people from Kennedy's neighborhood. And we were playing in this dirt lot with uneven ground, and a lot of tumbleweeds. Well, Kennedy was running and she couldn't see where she was going because it was dark (obviously) and she stumbled some how. She came back limping with her toe (pinky toe, haha) bleeding. She went to insta-care that morning and found out she fractured her bone in her foot will have to wear a boot for atleast 2 weeks. (yes, she and I were both wearing flip flops. not smart.) So that was kind of a bummer, but I guess things happen for a reason, right? ;)

Anyways, everything was going to good until that happned!

Well, I had an awesome weekend (except for that last part) and can't wait until Summer!

How was your weekend??

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Kenzie said...

AHHH!So much fun!! :) I loved last summer! :)