Saturday, January 2, 2010

Blog Resolution

Okay, so I was thinking for one of my "New Years Resolutions" for my blog would be to try to post something each day throughout the year. It might not be a really good, well though-out post, but just something about my day. Kind of my way of journaling. Starting today! (I know, technically it's not the 1st anymore but I'll post about today anyway.)

Today, being the FIRST day of 2010, I unfortunately didn't do much. My mom bought lots of finger foods and my family just stayed home, ate, and played games. It was kinda nice to just relax. But later my friend, Kennedy, invited me over to her house for a late night. Kenzie cam over also. Unfortunately, we didn't do anything exciting. We usually just talk about stupid stuff, and do weird things! And that is what makes it fun!
So that concludes my day! Pretty exciting... not. But Kennedy, Kenzie, and I hopefully have more exciting plans planned for tomorrow!
Happy 2010!

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