Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Hey everyone! How is your summer going so far? Mine is very slow, but every once in a while I like to do some really fun things with my friends. This weekend, one of my best friends, Camber, took us out on her boat to a nearby lake. She and her parents were so nice to take us out because it was soo much fun!

These are some of my best friends. I am so glad we got to get a picture of us with all 6 of us together. From left to right there's: Kenzie, me, Taylor, Camber, Sadie, and Kennedy.


I have been boating before, but since our family doesn't own a boat I don't go very often. This time around, I decided I wanted to try to wakeboard. and let me just say, that was a major FAIL for me! If you have ever wakeboarded before, you would know it takes a lot of practice. I guess the key to getting up was to let the boat pull you up and then to turn your board. But everytime I would let the boat pull me up, I would just fall flat on my face! Like I said... fail. Atleast I can say that I tried, right?

Next we had some lunch and then we were ready for tubing! I love tubing, but it can get pretty painful. It's totally worth it though! We had two tubes tied on to the end of the boat so we would jump from tube to tube. We played a game where if you fell off 3 times while trying to switch tubes, then you would have to go back on the boat. No one listened to those rules, but it was fun anyways. :)

Here are the rest of the pictures I took:

Kenzie and me

Taylor and me. Excuse my hot mess of hair!

This is Sadie, it was her 15th birthday that day! woot! Happy Birthday to Sadie :)

Sadie and Kennedy

The kid sticking his leg out is our friend Jake from school. He was out at the lake too with his family, but he wanted to come tube with us. Obviously. There were about 9 girls total on the boat, why wouldn't he? :)

seven people + one tube = not good

The results of tubing left me with a scabbed knee, and every muscle in my body sore. I couldn't even lift my arms above my head. It was bad, but totally worth it!

Have you ever been boating? If you have, let me know! I think it's so much fun. :)
xo, Kaylee

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Gina said...

This looks like so much fun!! I love boating and sailing in the summertime. It's one of my favorite things to do :) Glad you had fun!

xo, gina