Friday, March 12, 2010

Sights of Spring

This week we have a week off from school for spring break! This year, my family just decided to stay home and find things to do here. So lately I've been doing a lot of this...

kicken back and relaxin...

Unfortunately, it has been raining this whole week... except for today! The sun was shining bright this morning, and I was so glad to see it. Maybe Spring really is coming?
Here are a few sights of Spring that I captured today:

{These little suckers keep popping up everywhere on our lawn!}

is my favorite season out of all, so I can't wait until it is actually here!


Kenzie said...

That's exactly how I feel! I love how your blog is in the background! haha! :)

Kaylee H. said...

haha! I know, right! :P