Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dear Blog,

I'm soo very sorry that I have neglected you for more than a week! I have just been really busy with school and other things, so will you please forgive me? Sometimes I run out of ideas on what to write on your little 550 pixels of space. (Yes, that is exact ;)) I will think of something ASAP, I promise!

Love your dearest writer,

Or in other words...

Dear Readers,
(For the very few that I have out there that actually read my blog) I am sorry I haven't been posting as consistent as I should be. I have been reeeaallly busy with school. It's such a pain, but I'm trying my hardest to get straight A's. I will admit... it's not that easy when you decide to procrastinate and do things the last minute. And I'm not even in high school yet! sheeeesh.
Anyways, please forgive me.. I will post something ASAP!

Thank you tons!


While you wait for me to actually post something... enjoy this picture of my cute little baby cousin that we babysat over the weekend.

{he was eating Nutella, haha}

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