Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Trip

I had a great Thanksgiving! This year, we went up to my aunt Nancy's house in Mt. Pleasant for Thanksgiving dinner. The food was scrumdidilyumptious! :) I had a blast playing in piles of leaves, and hanging out with cousins. I didin't get much pictures of the actual dinner, but I did get lots of us playing outside in the leaves.
Here are a few I took...

The sunset was awesome!

My dad did most of the raking, while us kids played in the piles of leaves he had just raked! ;)

Kason seemed to like being barried. :P

Action shot!

Kason and Noah being dorks, as usual! ;)

Andelin didn't like the fact of being barried, but he did like barrying his brother!

Andelin havin fun in the leaves.

So that's my Thanksgiving! :D

What did you do for Thanksgiving??

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