Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Break Day 1: Beach

today was the first "official" day of our trip! since we were stuck in the car for almost the whole day yesterday, we decided we would go to the beach first thing the next day to relax and have fun!

we stayed in a little condo about 2 blocks away from the beach. so awesome! the only downside of the place we stayed in is that there's a railroad track right next to us, so about every two hours... that train comes by and it just loves to blow that horn!! 

anywho-izzle... (that's a new one)
here are a few a lot of pictures of day 1....
(captions will be below)

a sign hanging up in the backyard of the condo.

lifeguard thingys. I thought they looked pretty cool. I don't get out much ;)

the shore <3

my lil' bro

lots of people playing in the water. the weather was amazing by the way!

oh ya know... just me posing by the ocean. ;)
somebody found a sand crab, and I had to snap a picture!

the pier

we walked on the pier and this is a telescope thing (I have no idea what they're called) that you could look through and see the whole beach!

just some surfers.... ;)

this seagull looked like it was enjoying life on top of the pier. how cute.

hey look! it's patrick. ;) btw: I bought this starfish. I wish I would've found it myself. that would be cool. :)
wow! that was a lot of pictures! hope you guys enjoyed. :) more to come soon...


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Kiley said...

everything is beautiful! Thanks for sharing pics :)